Spring 2013

Welcome (Home) to our Visiting Researcher

 Elena R. Gutiérrez, Ph.D., has joined the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice (CRRJ) as Visiting Researcher for the Spring and Summer terms.  She is Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies and Latin American and Latino Studies at the University of Illinois, Chicago.  

RJ Virtual Library text boxIn keeping with her identity as a scholar activist, Gutiérrez has penned several influential works that have helped to define the reproductive justice movement, including: Fertile Matters: The Politics of Mexican origin Women's Reproduction and Undivided Rights: Women of Color Organize for Reproductive Justice.  At CRRJ, Gutiérrez has written an issue brief and delivered a presentation about welfare policies related to reproductive oppression.

A homecoming of sorts, Gutiérrez' return this Spring marked the 15th anniversary of her year spent at UC Berkeley as a President's Postdoctoral Fellow in the Sociology Department, where she was mentored by CRRJ Founding Faculty Director Kristin Luker.

"A lot has changed in the field, on the campus, and in my own thinking about these issues, since I was a postdoc at UC Berkeley.  I applaud the school for supporting critical research and advocacy on misunderstood and complicated issues related to race, class, gender, and reproduction," Gutiérrez reflected.  "To be able to come to a place where I can engagingly focus on a now burgeoning area of reproductive justice is an unprecedented opportunity for me.  It is a true honor to work alongside the staff and leadership of CRRJ and to participate its in creation."
Luker's current UC President's Postdoc, Zakiya Luna, is writing a book on the reproductive justice movement. "In less than a year of existence, CRRJ has provided an intellectual hub for many scholars including myself to engage around theory and practice of reproductive justice," Luna commented.  "New opportunities like having Professor Gutiérrez, an early leader and thinker of the reproductive justice movement, just down the hall with whom to discuss ideas has been instrumental to moving forward my scholarship and that of CRRJ."

CRRJ is already bolder and better, thanks to Gutierrez' contributions.
Join the CRRJ Crew
CRRJ is accepting applications for Summer and Fall Researchers and Interns.  We are seeking both professionals and students interested in volunteering or working for credit.  Ideal candidates will be able to spend at least eight, and preferably more, hours per week providing research, assistance, and support to various programs and projects at CRRJ.  Current priorities include a legal textbook and a virtual library

Interested applicants are invited to email their resumes, references, and cover letters to reprojustice@law.berkeley.edu.  Cover lCRRJ Crew Meetingetters should indicate availability (dates, days, and hours per week) and explain relevant skills and experiences as they relate to the Center's mission and work. 

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. 

Fortify our Foundation
CRRJ has brilliant ideas and big plans, but we can't make them a reality without you.  This inaugural year is an exciting time to get in at the ground level and help to fortify the foundation of this one-of-a-kind enterprise.  

We rely on contributions from individuals who share our vision and value our work. Please consider making a tax-exempt donation today.   
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"The MFG Rule:  Invading Privacy, Punishing Moms, Harming Kids"
On April 18th, CRRJ and the East Bay Community Law Center convened a  multifaceted panel discussion about the origins and impacts of welfare family caps, as well as efforts to repeal California's version, the Maximum Family Grant Rule.

Over 50 people attended to hear from a diverse coalition of advocates, including current and former Berkeley Law students, who are working to repeal this policy through AB 271 (Mitchell). 


You are welcome to download and watch a video of the panel, which was cosponsored by the Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice, Berkeley Chapter of Law Students for Reproductive Justice, Boalt Hall Women's Association, STOMFG Issue Brief CoverPDV, and Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice. 
To learn more about the roots, results, and repeals of welfare family caps, visit the CRRJ website and download the forthcoming
Issue Brief, "Bringing Families out of 'Cap'tivity: the Need to Repeal the CalWORKs Maximum Family Grant Rule."   
Reproductive Justice:  Activists, Advocates, Academics in Ann Arbor

CRRJ's own Jill Adams, Elena Gutiérrez, and Zakiya Luna will be presenting separately at an upcoming conference, which intends "to advance reproductive justice by exploring the intersections of activism, advocacy, and academia," to be held at the University of Michigan May 29-31, 2013. The conference organizers extend a warm invitation to:

  • Those interested in broadening and strengthening the RJ dialogue among academics, activists, and advocates;
  • Academics working on reproductive justice who wants to collaborate with other scholars and advocates; and
  • Advocates or activists working in the RJ movement who wants to partner with academics in specific research and practice areas. A3 in A2 logo
Registration is required, and the deadline to register is May 20, 2013.

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