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December 2015

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Iowa State Bio-Polymer Plant Is Online

Seneca Petroleum Company, Inc. and Iowa State University completed installation and operational shakedown of a bio-polymer pilot-scale plant located in Boone, Iowa in mid November. The $5.2-million demonstration plant, donated and dedicated by Seneca Petroleum in August 2015, has the capacity to produce one ton of polymer per day for evaluation by interested end-users in a wide variety of industries.

The Iowa State bio-polymer technologies utilize vegetable oil and biofuel waste-stream feedstocks to make a number of hard block and soft block polymer variants. Two Seneca Petroleum affiliate companies, Argo Genesis Chemical, LLC. and Midwest Acrylated Processes, LLC., have been funding the Iowa State University research since 2011 and hold exclusive licenses for commercialization.

Dr. Eric Cochran and Dr. Chris Williams, who head up the Iowa State research team, have spent the last three years evaluating a wide range of bio-polymers with varying molecular weights, chain structures, and hard and soft block ratios in comparison to conventional “industry standard” polymers as benchmarks. There is great excitement as the bio-polymers have shown promise as replacements for conventional petroleum-derived polymers, and are proving themselves to be both cost and performance advantaged.

Seneca Petroleum reports that it already has requests for pavement test projects utilizing Iowa State’s bio-derived SBS replacement and is hoping to have multiple test sections on the ground throughout the Midwest and the NCAT Test Track by the end of the 2016 paving season. Seneca is quick to point out, however, that SBS replacement for asphalt modification is only a small fraction of the market potential. The company has already received requests for samples by numerous interested parties from the tire, clothing, consumer goods, and adhesive industries.

Currently, the bio-polymer plant has been winterized and will be brought back online in April 2016 to begin polymer production.


ChromaScape® operates four manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. It provides the market with full lines of colorants and support products under the Amerimulch, Innotech DCP, Solution Dispersions, and ChromaPave brands. These products are used in many different markets for a broad range of applications, including the coloring of concrete, mulches, sands, aggregates, inks, paper, asphalt, recycled rubber and a wide variety of other proprietary products.

ChromaPave®, a member of the ChromaScape family of brands, markets a wide variety of environmentally friendly, water-based asphalt sealers along with a line of innovative asphalt seal coat and hotmix colorants for asphalt and asphalt sealers that have use in commercial, theme park, municipal and residential applications.


Innophos Introduces INNOVALT L-VIS™ Technology Low Viscosity Polyphosphoric Acid

Benefits of INNOVALT L-VIS™ patented technology versus conventional Polyphosphoric acid include:

  • Reduced viscosity
  • Ready to pump to temperatures as low as 10 degrees F
  • Costs savings up to 50% on PPA storage and handling

INNOVALT® renowned asphalt modification performance.

Please welcome Giovanni Onnembo as the newest member to the Innophos asphalt team in the role of Technical Applications Specialist.

Giovanni joins us with over 8 years of experience in synthetic and application chemistry.

He leads our asphalt research and application efforts and is responsible for providing technical support throughout the industry.

To learn more about INNOVALT L-VIS™ please contact Giovanni at 609-819-3359 or by email at


Kokosing Materials Inc. in Mansfield, Ohio, is pleased to announce that we are now a certified producer/supplier of PG88-22M per ODOT Supplement 1032. We are able to produce and supply PG88-22M to any job or company within the State of Ohio.


IKA presents:

Continuous Polymer Modified Asphalt
(Pre-mix vessel not required)

Polymer modified bituminous materials can bring real benefits to highway maintenance/construction, in terms of better and longer lasting roads, and savings in total road life costing.

The term polymer basically means a combination of a large number of similar smaller molecules or "monomers" into large molecules or "polymers". The main polymers used to modify bitumen are:

  • Natural Rubber
  • Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS)
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

Advantages of using PMB

The cohesion and adhesion to mineral aggregates is higher. The range of plasticity (temperature range between breaking point and the fusion point) is increased. There is greater elastic recovery after relief and higher fatigue resistance. Apart from road construction other uses of PMB are production of high quality roofing-cardboard and damp-proof layers.

Conventional PMB Manufacturing Technology

This is a batch process involving large footprint for the manufacturing facilities. The polymer is introduced separately into a CSTR containing hot bitumen with mild stirring. Dispersion is slow and less effective. There is little flexibility and longer production times are required. The batch processes poses bottlenecks when production increase is considered.

Modern IKA® lnline Technology

This is a continuous process with continuous dosing and incorporation of polymers (SBS/EVA) and bitumen into the inline IKA® Dispax Reactor DR 2000 PB. Because of intensive mixing at high shear finest dispersion is achieved in a single pass. Homogenized finished product is directly and continuously transferred to storage. The process provides for a lot of flexibility and production time is reduced by more than 60 percent.


Since 2005, Pavement Preservation Systems, LLC has offered expertise in pavement materials, training, innovative testing and design solutions that contribute to preserving and extending pavement life.

Our experience in in-situ asphalt modification processes for high-altitude pavements offers know-how for faster, efficient production and pavement laydown. We also offer expert consulting in Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design as well as infrared spectroscopic analysis of pavement materials.

Ongoing Projects

  • Monitoring of oxidation level in pavement surface by means of portable infrared spectroscopy
  • Quality control of RAP in HMA mix by portable infrared spectroscopy for the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)
  • Development and participation of ASTM and AASHTO industry consensus standards

Other Services

  • Expertise in the use of asphalt additives for performance, workability and moisture resistance
  • Implementation and optimization of pavement preservation strategies to select cost effective treatments
  • Portable spectroscopic techniques for in-situ testing of pavement materials and surfaces
  • Proprietary asphalt product formulations with 50-gallon pilot mixing plant
  • Training in critical areas of current asphalt technology and other consulting services

PPS LLC organization participation

  • Supporter of FP2, an advocacy group for pavement preservation
  • ASTM, Transportation Research Board, AMAP, AAPT, CTAA, AASHTO

See our publications to learn more. Contact us or email


Safety-Kleen Oil Products are Now Kleen Performance Products

After more than three decades of used oil reclamation alongside the Company's other environmental services, Safety-Kleen has announced the formation of Kleen Performance Products, a new business unit dedicated to the research, development, sales and distribution of high-quality engine oils, lubricants and other automotive and industrial products.

Why the name change? "Safety-Kleen decided we could better serve our oil customers by focusing our efforts on one thing - the production and distribution of the finest quality oil products available," said Dr. Mark Bouldin, Executive Vice-President, Supply & Refinery Economics for Kleen Performance Products. "The new name still stands for the things you've come to expect; excellent lubricants, superior service, constantly evolving technology, and a commitment to protecting the environment. Going forward, count on our undivided dedication to serve you in more efficient ways," Bouldin added.

Safety-Kleen and Kleen Performance Products are part of Clean Harbors, Inc. (NYSE: CLH), the leading provider of environmental, energy and industrial services throughout North America. The new Kleen Performance Products business will build on the Company's 30-year record of innovation in oil refining processes and leadership position in the North American market for renewable oils and lubricants.

Kleen Performance Products will offer a portfolio of products, including Safety-Kleen's current EcoPower® branded lubricants and base oil produced with re-refined oil, and the Performance Plus line of full synthetic, synthetic blend and other finished lubricants. As the largest provider of twice-refined oil in North America, Kleen Performance Products uses oil as a renewable resource, resulting in performance equal to or better than that of lubricants made from virgin crude. For more information, visit


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