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New Series

Hello and welcome to our new series!

An eye for marketing begins with the following questions for your business?
  1. Do you stand out in a crowded market place?
  2. Have you refined your marketing plans lately?
  3. What is your focus on your target markets?
  4. Are you reaching your short term and long term goals?
  5. Is your marketing aligned with your corporate vision?  A simpler add on question:  have you created a corporate vision statement?
eye2eye marketing is a concept that aligns the intricacies of marketing with practical solutions to achieve a corporate vision.  It's an outside-the-box approach to utilize marketing resources to get your sales team, business owners, or employees face time with people who will help make your business successful.

Let's get together for a cup of coffee or ice cream and discuss the above questions. Together, we can formulate a direction for your company and if we can help with marketing to get the needle moving - let's
do it!

Until next time, keep an eye out for more.


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The eye2eye Series
This month's  blog features outside sources giving advice on standing out from a crowd, focusing on target markets, and aligning marketing with corporate vision.

Marketing for Business Growth 
An article in Business Growth reminds us that "it is one thing to have a great product but it will never be a success unless your potential customer knows about it."

Looking to grow your current business customer base?  eye2eye marketing helps establish long term connections between the business itself and the business' target audience.

Market Differentiation
Click on this Marketingprof article that reminds us that value propositions may be wasted on the wrong things.

What makes your business unique?  What do you do that is totally different than your competitors?  If it's basically the same product, what benefit sets you apart?


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