Better Brand Experience
How Is Your Brand
Positioned and Perceived?

Brand Positioning was recently defined in a Wikipedia article as "identifying and attempting to occupy a market niche for a brand using traditional marketing placement strategies (price, promotion, distribution, packaging & competition)."

The article also touched on "perception as what happens in the minds of your target audience."

In a recent LJF team meeting, we evaluated the Top 25 clients from over our 25 years of business. And in each case of success, we had developed a brand strategy that enabled our clients to define their market niche and the best method of communicating - traditional or modern.

Perceptions of clients like you, help us continue to learn how to best serve you. 
We are often surprised to learn that some of you don't know we provide website design or trade show support or promotional products - like we are featuring in this month's e-newsletter.

We will continue to adapt to serve you better, and we hope that you enjoy our newsletters. LJF is always looking for relevant and helpful articles to share.

What surprises you about your customers' perceptions?  Let LJF help you uncover the current perceptions, misconceptions or praises your customers have of you? Market or customer research might be a good fit at this point in your company timeline.

An LJF Marketing Retool gives you a fresh look at your marketing strategies.  We would love for you to share our newsletter, or our website if you know of a company who needs help with their marketing strategies. Maybe it is you??


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Better Brand Experience
Better Brand Experience at Trade Shows
This month's blog features solid options to consider for your trade show participation.  Not only can we find unique options to set you apart but we can make sure your brand logo, tag line, and colors are quality controlled. 

Trade Show Booth Marketing Tips 
Forbes shares these tips on standing out at trade shows.  At a recent Consumer Electronics show, 1.75 tweets per second were recorded by Salesforce.  Having a strategy that combines Social Media, graphics and booth display, handouts and promotional items ties into success at your next trade show. Also don't forget that booth schedule for employees working the booth!

Trade Show Promotional Ideas
In this Chronicle's Small Business online article, find out why trade shows are still a good value for your marketing dollar.  Contests and giveaways are just a couple of ways to draw attention, but for small businesses, press releases sent to key industry publications are often overlooked as important strategies.  Public Relations is one of the
LJF Marketing key service offerings.

Emotions Count for B2B Decision Makers
Advertising Age reminds us that in B2B, it's still P2P or person to person.  Brands for business can still target the emotions of the buyer.

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