Advertising Equals Action
Six Steps for Action in Advertising

When we work with our clients to create an advertising campaign, we hope to be included in the planning stages, namely being your Marketing partner in developing your overall "Marketing Plan" to complement your "Business Plan."

No matter where you are in the process of marketing your company, we would like to help.  Below are our Six Steps to consider when you are adding "Advertising" to your marketing mix.
  1. Targets - research your customers or customers in your industry to make sure you have the right targets in your advertising plan.
  2. Media Selection - with choices in Traditional Media (print, broadcast, direct mail) and Electronic (email, web, online sites, mobile), your selection should mirror your research on your potential customers?  
    How do they like to receive information, where do they go for information on products/services they want to purchase?
  3. Message - the right message at the right time is key, but the message has to change to reflect the target and the medium chosen.
  4. Placement - overseeing placement, keeping up with medium(s) and quality control is paramount to making sure your potential customer actually sees/hears your message.
  5. Measurement - advertising without preset tools of measurement is basically throwing money away.  Decide on ROI measurement tools before you advertise.
  6. Results (What equals action in advertising?  The results of course!) How do you manage leads? What is your sales process? If you don't manage this very important part of the sales cycle, your potential customers could get very frustrated and head elsewhere.
We hope you find these newsletters informative and useful to help you move forward with actions to market your company.  We feel fortunate when you allow us to help you with the tools for your continued success.


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