Putting the Public Back in PR
Building Relationships With Your Public

One of our "publics" is represented by our clients with whom we have developed long term relationships. For instance, Mike Karlins of Karlins Ramey, & Tompkins - Certified Public Accountants, has been a client of LJF since we formed the company 25 years ago.
Putting the "public" back in public relations involves researching our target audience, developing a content calendar and strategically developing relationships with media, bloggers, social media followers and networking groups where we can present LJF Marketing as a thought leader.
It's our pleasure to help our clients identify their "public" and:
  • learn how best to communicate to their potential clients
  • provide the right messaging and vehicles 
  • help manage marketing ROI indicators  
  • move forward to fine tune strategies, 
  • prepare to strengthen relationships and build a network for referrals and new projects for current clients.
We offer this newsletter to inform you on how to connect and build further relationships with your public whether it be B2C, B2B, B2E, B2G, G2C, C2B, C2C, etc, etc, etc....
We hope you find these newsletters informative and useful so that you can move forward with actions to market your company.  We feel fortunate when you allow us to help you with the tools for your continued success.


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The Public is Not Just the Masses
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