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Have you ever worked in a department or business where the team leader was also the most productive team member?

I've found that for highly-productive leaders, the people they lead display high morale, strong determination and the burning desire to remain on that team or in that organization.  Is there a great difference between a leader who is a "decent producer" and one who is an "awesome producer?

The answer is NO! 

Well then, what techniques does someone with leadership duties use to also maintain his or her high level of productivity?  

Collectively we call them The Slight Edge.  Watch the following short video to learn more (note: you will be taken to my website to view this video):

No matter how competent a leader is at leading, successfully producing "the goods" is what will matter most.  Results talk, and exceptional results speak volumes!  But sometimes it takes more than one "Slight Edge" to generate exceptional performance along with productivity.  Sometimes you just need to "think outside the box."  Try the following video task:
Outside the box

Personal Productivity is the foundation for effective leadership, which is why Effective Personal Productivity has been our #1 selling program world-wide since 1975.  We help companies get better results and subsequently develop more effective leaders.

To learn more about our training program, please follow this LINK.

We are currently filling our 2015 fall classes. To learn about pricing, signup options and availability of program spaces, call Dr. Al at: 715-374-DRAL (3725) or text him at 715-817-0482.

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