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Recruiting: Searching for Clues
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Thank you for joining me again! In this installment we're going to start where a business has to start: hiring people. Then we plunge headlong into the minefield called "Feeback". When I began building faculty evaluations, I got a quick lesson in how to lose friends and alientate colleagues. While my instrument was good, the process for using it was misapplied by an administration that had another agenda.  Instead of giving feeback they chose to justify employment decisions.

Why is feedback so darned hard? The short answer is that we don't have any clear idea about what we should and shouldn't be doing in a Feedback feedback situation. So we screw it up behaviorally, emotionally, and cognitively. Now I can't describe all the pitfalls of feeback in one email, but I can tell you the foundation on which effective feedback must rest.

Effective feedback must be:
1. Timely
2. Specific
3. Unambiguous
4. Personally meaningful to the recipient (salient)
5. Grounded by observable and objective criteria

It isn't enough to use good objective systems if the person evaluated just doesn't care about all the factors and behaviors you've carefully reviewed. Feedback has to be salient if it is going to change what a person does on the job and in the rest of his or her life.


Keep a Good Thought,

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Allen M. "Dr. Al" Raffetto, PhD
Recruiting: Searching for Clues
Using the Three Spotlights of the Talent Recruitment Process


Success leaves clues! And we are the investigators who find them, interpret their meaning and bring everything together to answer this Spotlightsquestion: "How well will the person fit the position?"


The Raffetto Group offers a complete Talent Recruitment Process, helping employers see what lies beneath the surface in both potential and existing employees. Our search uses three spotlights:

  • History Spotlight;
  • Compatibility Spotlight; and 
  • a Suitability Spotlight.

We succeed in identifying the employee you are really seeking.


You don't want to waste all that effort in hiring a great person by turning him or her over to an uninspired and poorly designed orientation. You train through proper orientation and you develop through effective supervision and management.


We are people developers. We work with the whole person, and we get positive change in every significant facet of an employee's business and personal life.


Topic of next webletter: Achieving Life-Changing Results

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Dr. Al 
The "Mean Man".. 


Dr. Al's practical education in feedback began when he dropped the "E" out of his alphabet and just used "A, B, C, D, & F" to judge students' performances.


The main take-away message was: be open, objective and consistent with your grading process. Subjectivity discredits all feedback, and kills a good reputation!


What he didn't learn from handing out course grades, Dr. Al got to discover as Psychology Chair, reviewing and evaluating his colleagues for salary and promotion recommendations.


Dr. Al realized that "When you seriously stand in judgment of people, students, and faculty, you will be perceived as a mean, nasty "idiot" no matter how wise, truthful, fair, friendly, and beneficial you believe yourself to be."  In the long run, objectivity, fairness and consistency will prevail.  

The interesting thing was that those most offended by their evaluations came back in later years to thank Dr. Al for being honest in his appraisals. While feedback works best when immediate, the positive impact from the information may not show up for many years. Be patient!


Coaching Report

Hiring & Orientation: A Two Step Process
Like an iceberg 90% of every applicant is hidden beneath the surface. Good personnel practices uncover those hidden features, and the usefulness of that "intelligence" doesn't end with the hiring process. The act of hiring is the first step towards turning new employees into productive members of your team.  Past experience is nothing more than an indication that new employees has the ability to learn. How you orient them into their new job situation in the first three to six months dictates the success of your recruitment and ultimately your company.
The Profile Evaluation System provides a Hiring Report that will help you determine whether a candidate has suitable skill sets that are a FIT to the job. We follow that up with a Coaching Report that will guide new employees through the first 90 days on the job to get them up and running efficiently and effectively.
Provisions:  We will give you a Profile and "CEO Coaching Report" to demonstrate how well this system works. This would be a $500 to $800 value dependent upon the level of your hiring needs and frequency with which you use our process. 
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