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Building Bridges


What makes our training a game-changer? That's really the bottom-line issue, wanting to know if my services are worth the time, money and effort.  With a three-decade track record I can truthfully tell you that I have helped many clients achieve life-changing success.

Why is lasting change so difficult?  This is one answer that Sigmund Freud got right: Resistance.  And the most powerful form of resistance is the Habit of Avoidance. Many employers don't try to change because they believe people and things can't change.  I hear: "We can't break tradition; We tried something like this before and it didn't work; Our industry is different; Your program won't work in this environment; Our culture is special."  Maybe you've used one of these or maybe you have a better one that I hope you'll share with me when we meet. 

In sales they're called "objections" that the salesperson must "overcome" and thus "conquer" the business owner for the "win".  Gosh, why would any business owner want to avoid that?  This unfortunate habit of sales training removes the stitching of TRUST in the fabric of change.  Stephen M. R. Covey asserts that "trust is the confluence of Character and Competence".  That said, lasting change will only happen by decreasing resistance and increasing trust. 


Keep a Good Thought,

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Allen M. "Dr. Al" Raffetto, PhD
Achieving Life Changing Results
Learning to stop something old, before starting something new


If I had to pick the main things that increase the chances for life-changing results, I'd pick two:  

  • Understanding the dynamics of the change process and what gets in its way; and
  • Being competent enough to use an integrated implementation process that develops the whole person.

  • Ingredients of Good Habits These topics can't be detailed in small email space but a few points can.  First, the main obstacle to change is "Habits of Thought & Attitude", and yes there are great habits for a full life and perilous habits that stifle and possibly kill you.   


    Here's a simple yet powerful fact: You have to STOP something before you START something! You just don't "stop" eating, drinking, smoking or any other habit. You must displace and replace one habit with a different one, one that's preferably the opposite of what you are stopping. To paraphrase physics,Humans Abhor a Habit Vacuum!  

    Another harsh reality is this: 99.999% of all habits DO NOT change overnight! Life- changing results require such things as "Spaced Repetition, Saliency, Successive Approximations, Tracking, Goal-Setting AND Feedback, Feedback, Feedback". Done incorrectly any one of these will pose hazards and obstacles that will set you back into your old ways.  

    This is where the Integrated Implementation Process comes in. Changing only one thing, even one clear and salient thing, will NOT increase your odds at achieving the life-changing success you seek. A trusted ally, a coach, has to help you understand the other pieces of the picture and guide you in integrating all the pieces into one whole. This concept is easier to visualize when improving your physical well-being. For example: My total right knee replacement was a clear, wonderful change from a worn out knee joint. I expected to right away walk normally again but it didn't happen.   

    It turns out that the entire lower body had been compensating for the dysfunctional right knee; thus it didn't know how to work correctly with the new knee joint in place. I had to re-teach other joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles AND my brain how to walk correctly. These hidden habits require a licensed physical therapist for me to overcome old habits and achieve lasting change.  

    The bottom line is this: Before you will ever possibly get lasting results you have to clearly identify the obstacles in the way of changing - not just the visible "out there" ones but also the "in me" obstacles. Defeat those inner barriers and change that produces life-long results must inevitably come to pass.

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    Dr. Al 
    Trust me, I'm a doctor's son... 


    That line didn't work very well for young Al at Stanford. The future Dr. Al had to sort out what it meant to be a physician's son.  His first step was to become a doctor himself.  


    Blind Leading the Blind


    Earning a Ph.D. in psychology was helpful in that it started to uncover the basics of human nature and the difficulties of interpersonal relations. His years as a professor gave Dr. Al a front row seat in building effective student-teacher relations in the classroom. 


    Seven years doing research on how medical students grew into physicians added new insights about being a "trusted professional".

    But Dr. Raffetto only became Dr. Al through his consulting work with businesses. Out in the work world he stumbled upon case after case of business people who had been badly treated with "psychological testing". 

    Broken Trust  

    Dr. Al shunned all use of workplace tests until serendipity brought him together with "The Profile Evaluation System", PES for short.


    Twenty-five years and thousands of Profiles later Dr. Al is a fully operating physician's son who practices his profession like his father did: first rule, Do No Harm!



    for CEOs

    You Can Achieve Life Changing Results
    Quitting is easy...we've all done it at least once in our lives. However, quitting is NOT the real result.  Starting something better is!  For a life-changing result you need to build a bridge between the old habit you quit and the new habit you start.  That bridge must be anchored by abutments at both ends or it will fail you!  The Raffetto Group will help you build that bridge by verifying where you are right now, then setting the abutment on the other side anchoring the path to where you want to go.
    We offer a Development Needs Inventory (DNI) that will shed light on what is and is not working for you as a CEO. We will administer the DNI online and provide a personal interpretation of your results so that you may better understand the dynamics of changing for the better.
    Provisions: This coupon is good for building one life-changing bridge in your CEO job with the help of our "360" feedback system.  When you complete this $500 investment, we will redeem your coupon for $250 (50% off of the purchase price.) Compliance with all conditions of the DNI process is required.
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