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Welcome back!  In this installment we're going to set out a few ideas on our approach to coaching.  Forty-plus years ago I participated as a coach and advisor for a student- Train Tracks defined course of study called "Track Two" (one track of courses and another of independent study). I witnessed the power that students gained from merging the two sources of awareness and inspiration.

In 2007, Dr. Larry Cole (also a cognitive-business psychologist) stated that every organization needed two parallel rails to serve as one set of tracks to run on.  The consultant's mission was to keep the technical side of the business (Rail T) and the people side of the business (Rail P) running parallel and having equal strengths. Technical matters generally cover services produced and the resources used to produce them.  People matters include all employees, their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Today I see coaching as offering help to set the rails, and once set demonstrating how to stay on track.


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Allen M. "Dr. Al" Raffetto, PhD
Coaching Leaders & Their Companies
We demonstrate sustainable results & organizational growth


Our expertise brings pragmatic psychology to the workplace. We specialize in implementing processes that produce ongoing results and positive growth in revenue and profit.  We interview, test your key players, and review past results.  We determine your strengths and what changes will benefit your organization.  By bringing everything into a crystal-clear picture we can assist you in achieving significant improvements in planning, hiring, training and leading all your employees.

LMI PyramidWe individualize published programs using initial testing of participants, followed by information gathering and data interpretation.  Our process includes a six-month follow-up to assess actual outcomes.  Our specialty is clearly diagnosing problems you are vaguely aware of.  We perform an assessment of nine distinct areas, then provide a treatment plan and a time frame for implementation.  Follow-up sessions assess success and provide the business owner an opportunity to give us feedback as well.  

For our open-ended process we start with some support and challenge that's designed to produce immediate improvement in your operations. Then we transition into all the Raffetto Group's services beginning with comprehensive owner & leader assessments and organizational diagnoses.  Contracting with our organization on a year-by-year basis assures continued development of your organization's leadership.


Topic of next webletter: Recruiting: Searching for Clues

Dr. Al 
Raising the bar... 


When you're taught by professors, you become a professor, not a coach. In his college professor life Dr. Al had to invent his own mixture of coaching techniques blended with professing using a knowledge-driven pedagogy

In his first teaching year at Beloit College (1970) Dr. Al met up with a freshman, straight-A student, Gail Lynn Woods.  Gail was getting "A"s in every course plus perfect scores on almost all exams. How could Dr. Al raise the bar for this talented person?

"She signed up for my Memory & Cognition course and after the first class I asked her to see me in my office. When she came in, I opened up my grade book, pointed to her name in it, and in the place for her final grade I wrote a large "A"  next to her name.


I told her that she was getting the "A" no matter how little or how much she did.  It was her responsibility to decide just how she was going to earn the grade and then do it.  I was happy to coach her whenever she asked for help. 


Years later she told me that she'd never worked so hard in a course and her performance indeed reflected high achievement that I never would have gotten following standard procedures."


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Our on-line Leadership Expressions profile will help you learn more about your personal styles and how they drive your effectiveness in working with management. Diagnosing your entire organization will result in enhanced leadership across the board and will provide your key players guidance towards high achievement.
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