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Now That You're Hired Someone, What's Your Plan?
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So you've followed tried and true techniques to make a good hire...you've used a "smart process" and you've hired someone whom you believe will be a great fit for your organization. Congratulations, that's gotten your planning started!

Now what? All of your good work to date will be wasted if your post-hire processes are haphazard. Transitioning a new-hire into the role of valued employee requires a clear orientation process, that uses detailed Position Descriptions, Goal-Setting, and a six month period of scheduled Feedback.

Supervisor's must know the game plan ahead of time, and that requires advance training. Creation of a Training & Development Plan, and subsequent semi-annual or annual Performance Reviews are also key processes for success.

Successful hiring and training doesn't come from a bunch of disconnected parts, but instead from a process with a beginning, middle, and end. If you want to employ successful and productive employees, then begin the process with that end in mind. Your destination might be developing employees into a cohesive team, IF that is what will matter most to your future business

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Dr. Al's Corner 

My first career, as a college department head, centered on recruiting students and faculty into my department. By trial-and-error I learned effective talent recruitment. 

The result was that my department  led the college on the results that mattered most: Number of majors graduated each year. I achieved this by following a plan.

During my second career in the business world (thirty years and counting), I've refined those techniques through practical wisdom and experience. Had I not developed a plan for success while in academia, my second career would not have been possible.

Without a thoughtful recruiting strategy, you waste valuable opportunities, and damage growth and profit. You cannot afford to waste opportunities, nor can you ignore the implications of a missed opportunity.

So, what's your plan to get where you want to go? The very question should conjures up strategic thinking and planning. Please allow me to help you plan for success.

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