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Where Do You Want to Work? How to Make a List of Target Employers
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Greetings!                              Joellyn Headshot 2009   


Happy February! Hope this winter season hasn't been too bad in your area. I truly thought Spring was right around the corner when our official groundhog --"Punxsutawney Phil"-- didn't see his shadow on Feb 2. Naturally, I was dismayed when I heard that Winter Storm Nemo was coming to Central Massachusetts a week later, which dumped 28 inches of snow in Worcester between Feb 8-9. Thankfully, we didn't lose electricity or other utilities. Because the snow was light (not the heavy and slushy type), it was easier to clear our driveway and paths to our front door and oil tank.    


Good news continues on the labor market front! Earlier this month, The Associated Press reported: "Employers added 157,000 jobs last month" [in January 2013]...and the Labor Department revised its estimates of job gains for November [2012] from an initial 161,000 to 247,000 and for December [2012] from 155,000 to 196,000."


Do you want to be among the lucky people who land this year? Join me and other top experts in a free, online event-- which started earlier today, Feb 19, and runs through Feb 22 -- as we reveal little known strategies, tactics and top tips for getting noticed, getting interviews and landing a good job in this spite of hundreds of candidates with better credentials who are competing for the same jobs as you are. You should have received a special email from me last Thursday about this event; otherwise, scroll down for more information and to register.  


Hopefully, you've been following my article series, introducing the core content of my soon-to-be-launched  "Wake Up to a Job You Love  Home Study System."  Last month, I explained how the first four articles are all part of the "The Six Dimensions of Career Clarity" I use with clients, to help them sketch out what their most ideal career position looks like before beginning their job search. Basically, this is a "six groups of questions strategy" where the main questions start with: "1) What; 

2) How; 3) Where; 4) Which; 5) Why; and 6) Who." 


The first and second articles focused on Dimension #1: "What" skills you can build your career on. The third and fourth centered on Dimension #2: "How" career and personality assessments can help you make good career choices. This month, my core article addresses Dimension #3: "Where Do You Want to Work? How to Make a List of Target Companies".          

When you get clear in all six of these dimensions, you'll bring more confidence, enthusiasm, focus and traction to your career transition campaign, ultimately leading to: landing a right-fit job you love much faster; becoming happier in the job you already have; or even transferring to a position better suited for your needs inside your current employer.      


Is your job search stuck and your career stalled, no matter how hard you try? Start the New Year with a private Career Action Planning (C.A.P.) Session with me. We'll get to the root of your career problem and get you on the road to landing your dream job in record time! Read the testimonial of one client who landed soon after his C.A.P. Session; and the quick story about another client I highlighted in the October 2012 issue, who had a C.A.P. Session last July and landed in September.  


Enjoy this issue and I look forward to connecting soon! 


~ Joellyn 
P.S. A great big "Welcome" to my new subscribers!  
P.S.S.: If you live in Central or MetroWest Massachusetts, check out my upcoming presentation at the Shrewsbury Public Library.
GetSeenJob Search Mastery Teleconference: Get Seen, Get Interviewed, Get Hired: February 19-22 Get Seen, Get Interviewed, Get Hired   

The New York Times recently reported that 
only 4.7% of all resumes posted online result in interviews and offers. CBS News recently ran a "tongue in cheek" article on the strangest ways that job applicants have blown their chances, which came from a poll of  2,600+ hiring managers. 

If you want to be in the 95% of job seekers who actually get interviews...and you don't want to run the risk of sabotaging your job search efforts, please join me and other top experts
in this free teleconference, as we reveal little known strategies, tactics and top tips for getting noticed, getting interviews and landing a good job in this spite of hundreds of candidates with better credentials competing for the same jobs you are.   

I'll be presenting my segment on Thurs, February 21 @ 2 p.m. Eastern.

Find out more and register here:

TargetWhere Do You Want to Work? How to Make a List of Target Employers Stories 



When searching for your next job, you're probably focusing your efforts on postings you see online or opportunities pitched by recruiters who find your resume on LinkedIn or major job boards like CareerBuilder or Monster. However, you can be more proactive and broaden your employment possibilities by creating your own target list of 50-100 companies.


Before making this list, consider these important questions:  

  • What types of positions are you suited for? Where have you gained most of your work experiences and cultivated your knowledge?
  • Which industries will get the most value from your skill set?
  • What industries, companies and products match your personal interests and passions?
  • Where are you willing to work, in terms of preferred cities and states?
  • What size of company do you want to work for, i.e., a large corporation, smaller privately-held company, mid-sized firm or start-up?
  • Which companies would be on your "dream employer" list?
By answering these questions, you'll be establishing a solid foundation for your list, which makes the list-building process less daunting. With this criteria in place, you can search for specific companies with greater ease. For example, if you're an attorney in Southern Wisconsin, you can search for law firms in your area of practice that have a significant presence in the Greater Milwaukee metropolitan area. 


Here are some free resources that will help you find target companies:


1. America's Career InfoNet Employer Locator: This comprehensive database, offered by, is searchable by industry, occupation, location, and keyword:


 2. This resource is available in most libraries, which allows you to access it from home using your library card and PIN number. Companies can be searched by name, industry, region, sales volume and other specific criteria: 


3. Inc. 5000: This is a list of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the U.S. Considering that large corporations are usually the first to have massive layoffs in troubled economic times, these smaller, privately-held companies will allow you to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond.


4. Regional business journals: These often overlooked publications provide a wealth of information about what's new in companies within your local area, which will expand your scope of employers beyond what you've seen on job boards. To find a regional business journal in your area, check out: (Side note: There's usually an annual fee for print publication subscriptions, which may include bonuses such as books of company lists, economic forecasts and business profiles; but many offer free, abridged online versions.)


5. LinkedIn: Scan through your LinkedIn contacts to see where they are employed and where they previously worked. You'll get more ideas for target companies, while setting a foundation for future networking. If certain companies appeal to you, add them to your list. Then, consider reaching out to your contacts for "referral meetings" (or informational interviews) to get a "feel" for what it's like to work in those companies, as well as for possible connections to hiring managers.


When you have your list together, you can also use it to create targeted direct mail campaigns or make outreach calls to hiring managers. One of my CPA clients compiled a list of small accounting firms in her area, sent a letter of interest to each one, and made follow-up phone calls to these firms' managing partners. This effort landed her a job just in time for the 2013 tax season!


Whichever way you plan to use your target list, you'll have an effective and practical alternative to relying on Internet job boards or recruiters.


Like this article? Please post your comments on my blog.

  Joellyn Wittenstein Schwerdlin, The Career Success Coach 2013


I've been planning a "beta launch" of this self-study system of my career coaching program. It's based on the core content and tools I use with my private clients, to help them build a solid, laser-focused plan to land a job they love which is fun, fulfilling and financially rewarding. This system is perfect for you... whether you're unemployed and struggling to land...or unhappy with your current job or employer and you don't know which way to turn.  


A tentative launch is scheduled for mid-March and will be priced at an introductory "Charter Member" rate of $147.00.  


Originally, I wanted to limit this program to only 10 participants; however, I've decided to make it available to as many people who feel they will benefit from it; no application required. I am planning to offer some special bonuses for the first 10 people who sign up.


Depending on how many people enroll, I may host monthly Q & A group calls and create a private Facebook group for participants to post questions and interact with each other.


There will be a special sales page created for this program and you'll be notified when it's ready.  Until then, please download the updated description of the modules here:


If you have any questions, please email me; and I will be personally reaching out to those of you who have already expressed interest. 

Talk"Law of Attraction: Five Basic Principles to Make Your Career Dreams Come True"  
Public Speaking

Where: Shrewsbury Public Library, 609 Main Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545 
Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 
Time: 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.


Contact: Priya Rathnam, 508-841-8533, 
CAPCareer Action Planning (C.A.P.) Session 
  • question mark jpegDo you work hard on your job search but seem to get nowhere fast?
  • Are you burned out with your job, but don't know what other work might satisfy you?  
  • Do you have trouble understanding how your transferable skills can be used in other professions?
  • Do you apply for jobs online, only to get "thanks but no thanks" responses?
  • Does it seem like your network can't help you with your job search the way you'd like?
  • Do you get interviews--- but no offers?   

Is it time to take a risk -- a giant step forward -- to end the pain once and for all? You may surprised: the problem might not be what you think and simpler to overcome than you thought possible.


Regardless of the issues you face or what you may be frustrated or confused about, I can provide the clarity, creative thinking, objectivity, and perspective you need to get your career and job search moving in the right direction.  


Let's get started with a Career Action Planning (C.A.P.) Session to help you figure out what's working, what needs attention, and what the next steps are to land the job of your dreams!  


LOUSkeptical? Here's what one client said about his experience. He got hired five months after his C.A.P. Session!  


"I worked with Joellyn and went through her Career Action Planning session after months and months spinning my wheels trying to land a position. Her session and follow ups were a great jump start for me in redesigning my resume. She helped me focus on what my strengths were and was encouraging and genuine. She's extremely personable and is a great listener. I'd recommend her to anyone who is struggling finding their next steps in their career path."  -- Louis Miano, Sr. Software Developer 


 Go to my website for details and pricing:  

About "The Career Success Coach" 


Joellyn Wittenstein Schwerdlin is a Certified Career Management Coach in private practice serving executives, managers and professionals in career transition. Since 1991, Joellyn has helped countless clients across multiple industry sectors find perfect career paths which are fun, fulfilling and financially-rewarding. Her  program starts with a Career Action Planning (CAP) Session to first determine where clients are getting stuck, stalled or confused in landing the job of their dreams.  


Joellyn will be happy to discuss your situation on a free call. Contact her at 508-459-2854, 

or visit

Quote of the Month: On "Action"



"Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny."


  -Tom Krause (Motivational Speaker)



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