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 Invites You To
Tom of Finland: The Pleasure of Play

The most comprehensive Tom of Finland exhibition to date,  spanning six decades to include more than 180 drawings,  1930s childhood paper dolls, the full set of 1940s gouaches  along with triptychs, individual drawings, storyboards  and over 300 reference pages.

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Carr's Memorial Celebration
Carr_s Memorial

On Tuesday morning April 12, 2016
Carr passed away from complications from cancer.
He passed away at the beautiful Carrington Galen's Pleasure Park
which he created at Tom of Finland Foundation.

Book Launch Celebrated in Los Angeles
TOM House: Tom of Finland in Los Angeles 
Book Launch

The book TOM House: Tom of Finland in Los Angeles was launched with receptions at the David Kordansky Gallery and TOM House.

Tom's House: Inside Tom of Finland's Los Angeles Home
An Article in W Magazine
Pleasure Park
Photo by Martyn Thompson

At 1421 Laveta Terrace in Echo Park, Los Angeles, there stands a house walled by tall, bushy hedges. If passersby think that the owners are trying to hide something, though, they'd be mistaken. Tom House is named after the artist who occupied the attic bedroom for the last 10 years of his life: Touko Laaksonen, better known by his pseudonym, Tom of Finland.

He made a career out of exposing the hidden - his drawings depicted gay men in exaggerated sexual positions - and the house is home to Tom of Finland Foundation, though that mundane designation undersells the collective of free-spirited characters inside.
From an article by Ally Betker

A Mecca of Leather Culture at a House in Echo Park
An Interview on KCRW
TOM House
TOM House. Photograph by Martyn Thompson

From outside it's a regular four-story Craftsman-style house on a quiet street in Echo Park. But its tall hedge conceals an unusual interior: the house is a foundation for Tom of Finland, the Finnish illustrator who made homoerotic illustrations of men, mostly having fun with each other while wearing elaborate leather outfits.

Tom of Finland himself lived in the house and now it is seeking cultural landmark status. It was founded by Durk Dehner in 1984, a former model and Tom of Finland fan who convinced Tom to come to LA.

Frances Anderton interviews Marc Ransdell Bellenger,
Mayer Rus and Michael Reynolds
A Treasure and Collector's Item for True Admirers
Martin of Holland

Over the past 20 years, db/queerart has worked only as a nonprofit promotional tool for Queer artists, collectors and promoters/researchers. We've become respected and appreciated by some of the world's greatest Homo artists, galleries ad organisations. Not in the least through the relentless input and uncompromising stand of our fellow founding member Martin van de Logt. 
That is why his close friends and admirers of his art, together with the custodians of his art legacy decided that we could best honour his memory by presenting a printed tribute anthology with over 140 of his greatest works together with written articles by fellow Queer art promoter and Tom of Finland Foundation president Durk Dehner in LA; fellow NYC, SF and Amsterdam artist REX; LA art historian and artist Richard Hawkins; and myself, Ad Schuring.       
A Generous Donation from
Mark Timothy Hayward
Donation from Mark Timothy Hayward

The triptych casts Freud in the roles of his own three-part structural model of the psyche: id, ego and super-ego. Hayward chose to depict the id, source of our bodily needs, desires and impulses, by placing an image of Freud as a young man on a body taken from Tom of Finland's Service Station story.
 Durk talks on Finnish radio about Tom
and the Upcoming ToF Musical
Durk on TOM_s Musical

The New Yorker Presents:
Is Tom's Work Porn, or is it Art?
New Yorker Presents

 An Amazon original series.
Tom of Finland by Finlayson Window Display at
Stockmann Helsinki Department Store
Stockmann Window Display

Tom of Finland Biceps and Bums
to Adorn Coffee Packages
Tom of Finland Coffee
The homo-erotic figures popularised by Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen are soon to become a part of morning pick-me-up routines as they adorn coffee packaging. The Robert Paulig Roastery will turn up the heat on its coffee products with four new package designs for is filter coffee and roasted coffee bean products. 
"YES, I Support the Erotic Arts!"
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