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Tom of Finland Gets His Biggest Show Yet
A Review in Artnet News

Image: Tom of Finland 1962
TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 - 1991), 
Untitled, 1962, Tom of Finland Foundation Permanent Collection, 
1962 Tom of Finland Foundation


New York's Artists Space is going deep on master of gay erotica Tom of Finland. The Finnish artist is known for his raunchy drawings of hypermuscular, dramatically endowed, leather-clad gay men. Tom of Finland: The Pleasure of Play opens this Saturday and includes eye-popping depictions of group sex and BDSM, along with an extensive presentation of collages of the artist's source material.

The show aims to highlight the artist's dual artistic identity, being that he was employed as as senior art director at the Helsinki office of the global ad firm McCann Erickson-the ones behind the legendary "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" commercial.  


From an article by Brian Boucher     

Guest Lecture: Eve Fowler
A Review in Artillery

Guest Lecture: Eve Fowler
Eve Fowler at Mier Gallery
The Difference is Spreading, 2015,
installation view

Eve Fowler's exhibition at Mier Gallery The Difference is Spreading, reflects an intense, five-year-long engagement with the words of Gertrude Stein. For Fowler, this engagement is at once syntactical, visual, haptic, lingual-each form of perception sliding over and upon each other, privileging none.

Her work with the texts remains in some intrinsic way true to her photographic practice, one in which she singles out elements of Stein's word-world for us to look at, to take into the mouth, to feel.

From an article by Litia Perta     
Tom of Finland Pillows

Henzel Studio Tom of Finland Pillows
Photography by ORLANDO ISRAEL 

Well, at least we're consistent. Tom of Finland is back. And he's in your bedroom.

A line of limited-edition pillows, crafted by Swedish luxury designer, Henzel Studio, pays homage to the artist we know and love. "The collection is ultimately a testament to both the revolutionary vision of Tom of Finland and the extraordinary craftsmanship of Henzel Studio, which has miraculously captured the artist's mastery of line, form, and shadow." The pillows come in three designs, each double sided with unique collages of original ToF work.

From an article by Jeffrey From     
Patrick Staff on Tom of Finland and The Foundation
at IMA Brisbane

Patrick Staff
PATRICK STAFF, The Foundation, 2015. Installation view,
Chisenhale Gallery, 2015. Courtesy the artist. Photo: ANDY Keate

Taking as his point of departure the Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angeles, home to the archive of the erotic artist and gay icon and a community of people that care for it, Staff has combined documentary footage of the foundation with a series of choreographic sequences shot within a specially constructed to create a film that explores how a collection is formed, the communities that produce and are produced by a body of work, and ideas of intergenerational relationships and care.

From an article by Nicholas Forrest
Tom of Finland for the Girls
A Review in Pony

G. B. JONES, Riot Jones
G. B. JONES, Riot Jones

While most people, especially those in the queer community, are aware of the works of Tom of Finland, you would be hard pressed to find many who would know the work of G. B. Jones.

Founder of the proto-riot grrrl band, Fifth Column, filmmaker and artist, Jones first published her drawings in her fanzine J.D.s (stands for Juvenile Delinquents) which she co-published with filmmaker Bruce LaBruce.

Tom of Finland: The Pleasure of Play 
A Review in Mousse

Portrait of Pekka,

TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 - 1991),

Portrait of Pekka, 1975, Gouache on paper, 10.69" x 18.81",

Tom of Finland Foundation Permanent Collection 1975 Tom of Finland Foundation.  

When approaching The Pleasure of Play at Artists Space, the most comprehensive exhibition of Tom of Finland's works to date, it's curious to think of his drawings as being "from life." They appear far from it; if anything, they're an avoidance, or an outlet to escape his own lived experience. Tom was born in rural Finland and drafted into the Finnish army during World War II as teenager, before moving to Helsinki to study and eventually work for an international advertising agency.

All the while, Tom obsessively portrayed an idealized male form, and brought forth a depiction of pleasure that at the time could not have been enacted without fear. Tom's figures, however, even in his earliest drawings dating from the 1940s, are ecstatic, effusive, and ejaculating. It's almost difficult to see them as the result of an "underground", since the feeling they give off is a pronounced positivity, or even optimism.


From an article by Alex Philip Fitzgerald

Revealed: Reasons Behind Erotic Sex Sculptures and Architecture on Hindu Temple Walls
An Article in All India Roundup

Markandeshwar Temple, Maharashtra
Markandeshwar Temple, Maharashtra.  

India has been a land of temples with finest art and architecture across its geographical destinations. While very often many endless questions start brainstorming after being ascertained with the erotic sex sculptures on the wall so of temple for the devotees and visitors to the holy religious place.

Discussions and rumors have been abundant after these erotic sculptures while only a few could be found valid and acceptable.

From an article by R P K Rathod

Totally Floored: Austere's Showcase of
Henzel Studio's Artistic Rugs
A Review in Wallpaper*

Henzel at Austere
LA showroom Austere's exhibition of handmade rugs
from the Swedish textile company Henzel Studio

Henzel Studio brings an elevated artistic eye to an item that's usually underfoot. On view until September 14, silk-and-wool pieces conceived by such art world luminaries as Tom of Finland, Juergen Teller and Nan Goldin are shown in the United States for the first time, alongside collaborative rugs and pillows from such creative forces as Assume Vivid Astro Focus and Bernhard Willhelm.
From an article by Su Wu

Note: the exhibition has been extended until September 14th!

A Bit of Time with
Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland, Untitled,  1986
TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 - 1991),
Untitled, 1986, Graphite on paper, 16.50" x 12.25",
1986 Tom of Finland Foundation

What can be said about Touko Laaksonen that hasn't already been said? His artistic output in myriad forms, unleashed over the last 50 or so years has had groundbreaking impact on global culture.

His artwork has been censored on a massive scale; an eponymous fashion line based on his work has graced many catwalks; his drawings are part of the collections of major institutions such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York; he's been referred to as one of the "five most influential artists of the twentieth century."
From an article by Johnny Misheff

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