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What happens inside
the world's best homoerotic art space?


Photographer Stuart Sandford spent nine months at legendary live-in erotica Tom of Finland Foundation - and captured it on a Polaroid camera.


"I'd actually never seen so many penises in one place in my entire life." That's how photographer Stuart Sandford described his latest stay at legendary homoerotic art  Tom of Finland Foundation.


From an article by Holly Jemima Doherty in Dazed

Tom of Finland at David Kordansky Gallery
17th January - 7th March, 2015

The show's 15 early works on paper-most exhibited for the first time-serve as a profoundly dynamic historiography of postwar gay sensibilities. Their preening, posing figures reflect 30 very important years of gay life, spanning from the underground lifestyle of the 1940s to the countercultural gay liberation movement that Tom's musclemen most often represent.


From an article by Bradford Nordeen in Art in America 

Tom of Finland | Through 23 August | New York


38 Greene Street, 3rd Floor


The subtitle of the Tom of Finland exhibition currently at Artists Space, The Pleasure of Play, points to a key aspect of the artist's work: its fundamental cheerfulness. Tom, who admired the work of Paul Cadmus and Norman Rockwell alike, gave his homoerotic drawings of well-muscled men in uniform (and in various states of undress) a subtly wholesome bent.


From an article by Claire Lehmann of Artforum International Magazine
I'm A Cruiser: Tom of Finland's
Subcultural Smut At Artists Space

As the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage this week, everyone on the Twitters was declaring #LoveWins. Well, maybe, but let's remember that love doesn't just win in chapels and courthouses. Love can also win in sex clubs and bathhouses, in parks and public restrooms...

From an article by Emily Colucci in Filthy Dreams

Tom of Finland: The Pleasure of Play
review - definitely not the marrying kind

... Gay liberty is just as important as gay equality - and liberty, especially sexual liberty, is a more powerful and dangerous idea.

I was reminded of that on my recent visits to Artists Space, which is hosting a major show of the art of Tom of Finland, a cult illustrator of ithyphallic musclemen, motorcycle fiends and leather gods. The exhibition, spanning two spaces, is the largest showcase ever of Tom's art: there are more than 180 drawings, featuring more boots than you'll find in Hermčs.

From an article by Jason Farago in The Guardian

The Erotic Revolution

Walking into the afternoon session on iconic gay artist Tom of Finland, it is impossible to avoid the orange glare from smartphone screens as delegates all around me check Grindr. Such is the ubiquity of gay culture in 2015 - thanks, in so small part, to TOM (aka Touko Laaksonen), who quietly inspired a global movement from his house in a cold, lonely corner of Finland.

No shame, no guilt.


From an article by Philip Ellis on Ogilvydo

Tom of Finland

"I think the liberated smile that his characters have is still progressive," says Stefan Kalmár, the curator of Tom of Finland: The Pleasure of Play, a comprehensive exhibit of Laaksonen's work that opens in June at New York's Artists Space (where Kalmár is also executive director). "It's not like party-and-play, hidden-hotel-rooms business. This is out in the open and therefore still a valuable discussion today about sexuality that's not about gay marriage."


From an article by Rich Juzwiak in Interview Magazine


Tom of Finland Will Put Out Your Fire

No matter your sexual orientation, you'd do well to run over to Artists Space in New York for the phenomenally lewd and irreverent survey of drawings by late gay erotica icon Tom of Finland, on view through August 23. And if you, um, own a fireplace [or kitchen!], Jalo Helsinki has a treat for you!


From an article by Scott Indrisek of Blouin Artinfo


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