Boston Marathon Resilience
Resilience comes from the commitment and courage to face down a painful event and use it as a stepping stone to a greater strength.  One of the greatest enablers of resilience is to take that strength and pass it along to others that need help.  That is how the circle of resilience becomes a culture.
This weekend there are two events that can help all of us who were impacted by the Marathon bombing. 
  • Boston's Run to Remember is a half marathon held on Sunday, May 26 in memory of office Sean Collier.   For event details please visit
  • The #onerun is being held on Saturday, May 25 at 10:00am.  The goal of the run is to give runners and spectators the opportunity to go through the final mile and get back what was taken from them, and bring thousands of people to the Back Bay to spend money at the shops and restaurants that were closed that week.  It's a great way for all of us to join together to write a new narrative for Boston and celebrate its resilience.  For event details please visit the #onerun Facebook page at

Resilience comes from the commitment and courage to face down a painful event.  When people join together to face down a challenge, the resilience is not only a stepping stone but a ripple that is felt and grows exponentially.




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