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Passing on Assets Outside of Probate: PODs and TODs
For a variety of reasons, you may want some or all of your assets to pass directly to specific individuals upon their death, outside of probate.  One way to accomplish this is to set up a "payable on death" account for money in a bank account or a "transfer on death" account if funds are in a brokerage account.
Why Won't People Pay for Financial Planning?
Financial planners are professionals trained to provide answers to many difficult and esoteric financial questions. The savings from even one piece of advice from a financial planner -- if followed -- will often more than cover his or her fee. But most people don't want to pay for this expert advice and feel that they can do it themselves, despite the fact that investments and financial planning are not their day job.
Resource: Settlement Planning
Settlement Planning

Plaintiffs who settle personal injury cases may often face a number of legal questions, including:
  • Can I continue to receive public benefits?
  • If so, how do I stay eligible?
  • Should I structure some or all of my settlement?
  • How should I invest the proceeds that are not structured?
  • What rate of spending is prudent?
  • What can be done to reduce MassHealth, Medicare and private insurance liens?
Attorneys representing these clients may also have additional questions about Medicare set-aside arrangements and what to do for clients who are minors or incapacitated. 

Download Attorney Rebecca J. Benson's legal guide, which provides information and guidance on these questions.

Margolis & Bloom Seeks Attorney
We seek an associate attorney with 2-5 years of estate planning or elder law experience with a commitment to serving seniors, individuals with disabilities and their families.  The position involves significant client contact and responsibility in representing clients, as well as the ability to work well with other team members. We seek candidates who pride themselves in their service to clients and in finding the right solution for each client. Our cases require creativity and new ideas, but also efficiency.  Interested attorneys should send their resumes and preferred method of contact to  These will be kept in the strictest confidence.