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March 18, 2014
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One 11 X 12 exterior office is available in Copley Square, opposite Trinity Church.  Ideal for solo practitioners. Utilities, conference rooms, fax and T-1 line included.


For more information, call Eugenia Andrade at 617/267-9700.

In This Issue
What You Need To Know About the Capital Gains Tax 
Christina T. Vidoli

When you sell property for more than 
you paid to buy it, the profit is known as "capital gain."  Like ordinary income, the capital gain you receive is subject to taxes, but at the federal level the rates are different from those on your earnings from work or from interest and dividends.  The capital gains tax rate depends on your overall taxable income, the length of time you've held the property, and whether you took offsetting losses to charge against some or all of your gain.
Click here to read Christina T. Vidoli's article explaining the various rates and how the higher ates may be awarded.
The Conversation Project Coming to First Monday Lunch
Harvey W. Freishtat
The Conversation Project is a national public engagement campaign co-founded by Pulitzer Prize winning author and nationally syndicated journalist, Ellen Goodman. Its goal is to change our culture to make it easier for people to talk about death and dying, and for everyone's wishes for end of life care to be expressed and respected.


Harvey Freishtat is the Director of The Conversation Project and he will discuss the importance of The Conversation as a pre-requisite to effective estate and eldercare planning.


The program, which is aimed at professionals who work with seniors and people with disabilities, will be from noon to 1:00 pm on Monday, April 7th, at our Copley Square Office and lunch will be served.


Click here to learn more and to register.
Philip Seymour Hoffman: Another Celebrity's Will Creates Problems for His Heirs

The tragedy of Philip Seymour  Philip Seymour Hoffman
Hoffman's death by an apparent 
drug overdose is compounded 
by the estate planning difficulties he left his partner of many years and their three 
children. There's a pattern here: publicity and estate tax taxes his plan will cause mirror those of James Gandolfini'sBoth movie stars used wills rather than trusts, which means that their plans and the contents of their estates are public records. Both were not married to their partners (the mothers of their children), which will result in large estate taxes having to be paid. (Should this be not a reason to get married?)

Click here to learn more.
MSAC Featured in NY Times Article About Budding "Silver Revolution"

The Massachusetts Senior Action Council was recently featured in The New York Times
for participating in a street protest in Boston over the doubling of fares for the Ride. Ann A. Stewart (at right in photo), a retired hospital employee, was one of the participants who was arrested while protesting, an example of rising militancy among seniors in the face of the shredding social safety net.
Click here to read the story.
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