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With Calgary's low vacancy rate and housing price increases making headlines lately, many people are exploring the idea of buying an attainable home. It's no surprise that our units are selling quickly, so it's important that you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and provide consent to continue receiving emails from us to make sure you hear about new projects.


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David Watson

Last chance to buy in Evanston Square
Move-in ready apartment condos, NW

There's only five apartment condos left at Evanston Square!
Each of the newly constructed units have different upgrades. Please get your mortgage pre-approval and contact us to arrange a personal viewing of the options. Take a closer look... 

Attainable Home Ownership Program at a glance
If you're just getting to know the program, this infographic will help


If you've ever struggled to explain the program to your friends or family, you might want to share this. Our new infographic explains how it works, eligibility criteria, as well as describing a typical attainable home.  Check it out...

All you need to know about our future development projects

We have a number of vacant sites that we are developing to offer more attainable units in the future.


Delivering a new development from start to finish involves working through several processes with The City of Calgary, architects, developers, builders and other contractors. These processes can take a long time to complete and, as such, it can be several years between the announcement of a project, the start of construction, sales and eventually unit possessions.  Check the status of our future development projects...


Plan the layout, look of your home

Did you know there are some free online space-planning tools?


These clever online apps can be really helpful when you're considering different furniture and décor options. If you're renovating, you can get a good idea of what the finished product will look like too.  Try it for yourself...

Meet Amanda
See how Amanda and her daughters are settling into their attainable home

Being a single parent, Amanda had no expectations of owning a home in the near future. But Amanda's outlook changed when she found the Attainable Home Ownership Program.

Amanda was able to buy a brand new townhouse in the same neighbourhood she was renting in, which meant her daughters could stay in the same school. Read more...


A "TIPP" about property tax


Do you prefer to save up throughout the year and pay your taxes in one lump sum? Or would you rather budget on a monthly basis? The Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) is a valuable program that helps make budgeting a little bit easier. It enables homeowners to pay property taxes monthly instead of making a single payment in June.  Read more...

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