Tomorrow, I will be presenting "How to Catch a Terrorist", my first hand account of using our firm's forensic investigative tools to assist law enforcement with bringing the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects to justice.
This presentation is being made to the Cigar Society of Chicago gathering tomorrow at Iwan Ries.  
I would encourage any of you who are able to make it to register promptly, since space is limited.  Our firm's online identity investigation practice has enabled us to accelerate the effort to quickly identify correlations between disparate data.  This helped us to quickly locate clues that we forwarded to law enforcement.  The day after one clue was sent, the FBI announced a breakthrough.  
Please come and join me tomorrow if you are able to attend.
Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 
5:30 PM Cocktails
6:00 PM - 6:30 PM Presentation
The Lounge at Iwan Ries, 2nd Floor
19 South Wabash
Chicago, IL 60604

The second quarter has been busy, as we have been assisting businesses and organizations who have been under attack in the digital world. In the past, an angry letter showing up in the mail was all a company had to worry about. Now your company's mailbox is the Internet and the angry letter is a single hacker or disgruntled employee that is posting negative or malicious things online, ruining your company's name. This can cause a business to lose customers, professional connections, and even employees. This type of attack has the potential to be devastating if a company is not closely monitoring their online presence. Forensicon staff successfully investigated cyber attacks on two different businesses where we were able to identify the people/parties responsible, giving our clients the leverage they needed for legal action.  
Another role Forensicon has been busy maintaining is that of neutral party computer forensic expert. With the ever-changing and growing role computers play in discovery, litigated parties need a company that can produce items ordered by the court, FBI, or governing body on a neutral basis. Forensicon maintains chain of custody records and produces requested items while maintaining a neutral party stance all while adhering to the rules of discovery. With our experience and credentials in expert witness testimony, Forensicon can successfully communicate our findings to all parties and
the court.
If you know a business or entity struggling with online identity theft, battling a competitor over proprietary or copyrighted information posted online, or investigating a recently departed employee, please feel free to contact me 888-427-5667 x121. The greatest honor anyone can give us is when they refer us to a colleague or call us for a follow-on engagement. I thank you for your past and
future consideration.


Sincerely yours,


Lee Neubecker


NSA Leak Could Change Discovery for the Legal Community
Possible Discovery Goldmine
The government has been monitoring vast amounts of electronic data for years and this top secret program, also known as PRISM, has recently been exposed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. The long arm of the NSA has many questioning applications like cloud computing. The covert visibility into cloud-based web services by government agencies threatens privacy, intellectual properties, and trade secrets that companies have been trying to protect for years - increasing the need for better security, confidentiality, and privacy. The NSA leak has other potential consequences that should be considered. The information the U.S. Federal Government has collected could be useful to civil litigators during discovery. Read More...
Employee Data Theft and Corporate Hacking Study
Studies Reveal Businesses Need to Protect Themselves
Two recent studies that focused on employee data theft and corporate hacking have pointed to a need for further trade secret legislation in order to protect valuable proprietary assets from cyber-attacks and other forms of theft. Symantec recently released a survey that revealed that half of employees who had recently left their jobs still retained confidential information from their former employers. More than half of these employees admitted to emailing business documents to personal emails and 41% admitted to doing so on a weekly basis. More than a third of employees also used file sharing applications without their employer's permission. 
The results of these studies shine a bright light on the importance of implementing policies to protect intellectual property from both internal and external threats. Forensicon provides computer forensics expert witness services, focusing on employee theft of digital assets and trade secrets. If an employee recently left and is suspected of taking confidential business information or trade secrets with them to join a competitor or to start a new company, we can provide a complimentary case consultation. Read More...

E-Discovery Rules...Change is Coming!
Major Changes to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
In 2014, we may find ourselves teetering on the edge of some major amendments to the discovery provisions of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. This past May, the United States Courts' Advisory Committee on Civil Rules voted to send proposed amendments to its Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure. Their recommendation is that these proposed amendments be approved for publication later this year. These amendments are both significant and controversial because they would narrow the scope of discovery, impose or reduce numerical limits on written discovery, and determine the imposition of sanctions on parties that fail to preserve discoverable information. Read More... 
Proposed Non-Compete Agreement Act of Illinois
New Bill Considered Controversial by Lawmakers
State laws all vary as to whether employees are, by default, under at will employment, by agreement, or another variation of the two. In all states, employees could be contracted to do work. Generally, higher-level employees will have "non-compete agreements" written into their contract.  A non-compete agreement can be a part of a contract or its own separate contract. This agreement creates terms or rules that the employee must follow upon being discharged, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. States have handled this issue differently. Illinois already has non-compete agreement laws on the books, however, Rep. Thomas Morrison of the Illinois General Assembly introduced a new bill that some are calling
very controversial.


There are Solutions...How Forensicon Can Help
Internet Investigations
Today's companies, elected officials, and persons of public interest must respond to a number of threats. These can come from competitors, disgruntled existing or former employees, jealous ex-spouses, financial fraudsters, and social activists, among others, who may have a desire to cause you harm or commit financial fraud. Some may even do so while impersonating you, causing damage to your company's good name and reputation. Forensicon has assisted companies facing unknown rogue attacks on their reputation by researching and locating the person(s) responsible for said attacks, and identifying other potential person(s) and companies that may be working in support of the online smear or Internet financial fraud scheme. Many times, counterfeit or anonymous websites are registered by people wanting to smear or defame a person, an elected official or a company's good reputation. Read More...
Computer Forensics Consulting & eDiscovery Consultants
Forensicon, a leading national provider of computer forensics consulting and e-Discovery solutionshas assisted organizations of all sizes in generating methods to best respond to challenges raised by pending litigation, security breaches, loss mitigation, insurance subrogation, litigation holds, and many other situations that require the assistance of experienced professionals. Forensicon can help forecast potential outcomes and assist organizations with developing risk mitigation and management strategies. CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CISOs, elected officials, law enforcement staff, not-for-profit executives, business executives, entrepreneurs, and commercial litigators everywhere across the United States have relied on Forensicon's vast talent and experience in providing consulting relating to computer forensics and electronic discovery. 
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