Forensicon 2012 Year in Review
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I want to personally thank you for helping this past year be a great year for our company.  Many of our clients, friends and business partners have sent us referrals to their colleagues.  We have had a successful launch of our eDiscovery service offering and have figured out how to deliver ESI processing jobs faster and at a cost lower than competitors. If you or a colleague may need our services in this new year, we would appreciate your consideration and will gladly offer a complimentary consultation to you or your referral regardless if you need to proceed with engaging our firm for the problem or matter you are facing. 


This year we upgraded our entire server processing environment and have learned that through our own internal testing and configurations of our new processing environment, we are able to obtain processing speeds more than 50% faster than that known to the various software providers that offer computer forensic and ESI processing services. Our investment in expensive and bleeding edge technology, caching and performance tuning has allowed us to eliminate or majorly reduce traditional limitations of leading eDiscovery and computer forensics software sold on the market.  This has allowed us to deliver jobs faster, on or ahead of time and at a lower total operating cost than competitors.  Our business is different from most eDiscovery firms in that we rely on our relationships with people such as yourself who provide us referrals and not dedicated sales people.  Our dedication to going the extra mile for our clients and always trying to exceed expectations has allowed us to achieve substantial growth this past year without compromising quality.


It is the greatest honor anyone can give when they refer us to a colleague or call us for a follow-on engagement. Please contact me at 312-427-5667 if I may assist you with any current or prospective matter. I thank you for your past and future consideration.


Happy New Year!  


Sincerely yours,


Lee Neubecker


Crains Interviews Lee Neubecker Re: GM Trade Secret Case
GM Engineer & Her Husband Found Guilty of Stealing Trade Secrets
The case is part of a trend of industrial espionage that has menaced the auto industry - and major corporations and government agencies throughout the United States. "Often, the greed of trade-secret thieves makes it easy to trap them during investigations.  With tiny thumb drives capable of holding huge amounts of information now commonplace, the thieves aren't settling for stealing only one document," said Lee Neubecker, president of Forensicon, a Chicago computer forensics firm with expertise in trade secrets. Read More...
Tips on Obtaining Gmail and ESI from Google
Overcoming Serving Google
Despite having an active litigation matter where discovery of Google Gmail or other cloud based services is needed to complete discovery, you may have recently received a notice from Google that says they will not respond to your subpoena unless it is served upon them in their local jurisdiction. This might have you and your client questioning if it is worth it to file a new lawsuit in Santa Clara County California so that you can duly serve Google with a subpoena for discovery relevant to your case.  The California legislature passed Code of Civil Procedure 2029.100 also known as the Interstate and International Depositions and Discovery Act in 2010.  Read More...
Corporate Exposure: Internal and External Threats
Great employees are the best asset a company can possess. They can also be the company's biggest threat.  Employee theft is a real danger to every company big or small.  There is often difficulty in detecting the internal theft because the employee does not steal over time; they steal right before they leave and it is not detected until weeks, months or even years later.  Forensicon specializes in investigating and helping clients mitigate risk associated with intellectual property theft, trade secret misappropriation, and anti-competitive practices among others. 

With all a company must do, it is easy to forget that outside threats are just as serious.  Primarily, these type of threats are from hackers and cyber-criminals. However, internal and external threats share common denominators.  They are both costly to the company, hard to detect and expensive or nearly impossible to recover.  Corporate identity theft is usually not detected until after the damage is done.  Website hacking can be disastrous to a company's reputation.  If an outside predator can infiltrate your company's website, what is to stop them from entering your network and purging your company's internal data? Are you prepared to respond to these growing threats? 
An Ounce of Prevention 
How to Strengthen Your Network
There is an old adage that says "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." When it comes to the protection of trade secrets and intellectual property, this is doubly true.  One of the most common sources for network incidents is also a company's greatest asset: its employees. When employees become unhappy, bad things can happen. When appropriate IT policies are enacted, companies can prevent many of these incidents from happening in the first place. Read More...
Most Popular Passwords of 2012
This year has seen its fair share of corporate security breaches and hacker attacks. Some of the most notable include Global Payments, Yahoo!, LinkedIn and the University of Nebraska. While these organizations continue to investigate and install safeguards to limit future attacks, users are left scrambling to understand if their accounts have been compromised and what personal information has been injected into the public domain. Often times following massive security breaches, hackers will propagate the data they retrieve across the Internet. This information is then used by spammers and other unscrupulous individuals to drain bank accounts, sign up for services & financial products in your name, and spam your email. Read More...
There are Solutions.....How Forensicon Can Help
Computer Forensic Analysis
Analysis of forensic evidence is what makes Forensicon different from the rest of the computer forensics providers. We specialize in performing time-based analysis of electronically stored metadata. Our experience evaluating and analyzing time-based metadata enables us to quickly correlate disparate information to find notable dates and times of interest relating to spoliation, misappropriation, and other irregular computer usage and activities. Read More...
Inadvertent Deletion & Spoliation Claims
Did an employee of your firm inadvertently or intentionally delete potentially relevant information after litigation has begun?  Did you suffer an equipment or hardware failure of storage media containing potentially discoverable information rendering it lost?  Forensicon has years of experience helping companies facing challenges such as these and more.
Computer forensic activity and usage analysis can help tell the story about what actions took place. Forensicon has appeared in court or testified via affidavit regarding the alleged usage of data scrubbing software.  Forensicon experts have achieved successful outcomes where scrub software was used and has supported counsel with obtaining remedies from the courts. Call for a complimentary consultation today!
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