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May 1, 2015    

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Those of us with ADHD eventually get down life's highway, but along the way, we stop at many exits where we create moments and have adventures, but nothing in life is worth doing if it's done without our loved ones, according to Tom Nardone ( In our feature article, "ADD: You Will Find What You Look For," Tom gives us some insight into choices we make in our relationships so we can relax and enjoy the ride.

Last month on Attention Talk Radio, we had some topnotch guests and experts in ADHD:  Ingrid Alpern, Leslie Josel, Dr. Charles Parker, Dr. John Ratey, and Dr. Kirsten Milliken.  Here's the lineup:

Who defines the definition of disability in legislation: congress, regulatory bodies, or you? If the answer is you, then who is the face of you? Meet Ingrid Alpern, co-chair of CHADD's Public Policy Committee, in our interview, titled "What ADHD Lucked Out of ADAAA in Section 504," on Attention Talk Radio.

Ever heard of time mapping? Leslie Josel says it is a key to helping ADHD teens get a sense of time. Learn more about "Time Management and Teens with ADHD: Living the Experience" in our interview with her.

Also on Attention Talk Radio, is the only way to tell if your ADHD medications are working is if you feel it somatically? No, says Dr. Charles Parker. Do you agree to disagree? Check out our interview with him, titled "How Do You Know if Your ADHD Meds Are Working?"

Dr. John Ratey explains how humans are born movers, yet we've engineered it out of our lives. Does that fact more negatively impact those with ADHD? Find out in our interview, titled "The Impact of Exercise on ADHD with John Ratey."

If using the more effortful executive functioning brain is needed to override the automatic brain to change habits, then building habits is more challenging for those with ADHD. Do you agree or disagree? Learn more in our interview with Dr. Kirsten Milliken, "ADHD: Using Executive Functioning to Create Habits."

And on Attention Talk Video, some helpful and interesting tips for you:

Can you believe stimulants suppress the urge to drink? Do you think that has a positive or negative impact on those with ADHD? Check out Jeff Copper's video and learn more, "ADHD Tips: Why Hydration is Key for Those with ADHD."

Another tip from Jeff Copper.... Which is easier? Remembering what you need to take on a trip? Or crossing off your list what you need to leave at home? Hear Jeff's tip in the video, "ADHD Packing Tips."

Jeff Copper says he is amazed at how many people he has coached who feel guilty when they are in church and find their minds wandering. Does this describe you? Find out more in the video, "ADHD Tips: Paying Attention in Church."

And finally, Jeff Copper asks, are you paralyzed? Is it because you are putting too much pressure on yourself? Check out his video, "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the Impact of Pressure." 

Are you attending to the right thing? If you haven't done it yet, download our new a-Book (the "a" is for attention), "Identify YOUR Top Five Hurdles to Managing ADD/ADHD."  It has tips Jeff has learned from doing over 300 interviews with ADHD experts. Let your friends know about it, too! They can download it here:


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ADD: You Will Find What You Look for, So Why Don't You Just Look for an Adventure?

by Tom Nardone

There is a lot written on ADD/ADHD. To be honest, I don't read most of it. The reason for this is that I find most (not all) of them incredibly boring. They are quite typical; list the symptoms, list the medication and/or treatment options, and then offer a supportive "wish you well" or "good luck" on their blogs which are covered with advertisements. They also almost always address ADD as a problem, and a problem only. I feel by doing this they are scaring and misinforming their readers.

The majority of these articles are written by doctors. Doctors are used to treating problems, so I guess it would stand to reason that they should write about ADD in that context. There are two types of people who write these articles: doctors and those with ADD. I think most people feel better reading something written by a doctor rather than by someone with ADD. Because if a doctor said it, than it can't be wrong. Don't kid yourself. Believe it or not, sometimes doctors are wrong. They are only human, and while doctor-written articles can be informative, and important, they are seldom inspiring. I write on ADD to inspire, encourage, and mostly to entertain people who are frantic or fearful of this dreaded title.

So, allow me to inspire you.

So, you or loved one is messy..... Albert Einstein said, "A messy desk is a sign of a genius." I will tell you that I have been living in my home for seven years and my wife would tell you that I have been cleaning it for that exact amount of time. I would say that the only thing in my life that is organized is this website.

So, what about daydreaming? Is it necessarily a bad thing all of a sudden for someone to have an active or creative mind? People say that people with ADD have trouble paying attention. I'm sure some teachers feel better believing that. The truth is that people with ADD have trouble paying attention to things that are not interesting to them. Is it a teacher's job to teach the class, or is their job just to simply stand up and read the lesson plan each week? Ask your son or daughter to explain to you everything they learned in school that day. Then ask them to tell you about a video game they play. See what takes longer.  To read the rest of Tom's blog, click here.

Published with permission.
Copyright Tom Nardone. All rights reserved.  

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When laws are passed to protect those in need, agencies of the government are required to write regulations used to adhere to these laws. Who ensures that those with ADHD are protected under these acts? Politicians? Bureaucrats? Who speaks for the ADHD community at large? In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, we'll be interviewing Ingrid Alpern, co-chair of CHADD's public policy committee, for it is they who are actively involved with ensuring that attention deficit disorder is specifically listed as a disability in the 2008 amended act of ADA, which also impacts Section 504 plans. This show will enlighten and inspire you. It will give you reason to understand why everyone should be a part of CHADD ( so that we may come together and speak with one voice.

Got a teen with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder who struggles with time management? If so, this show is for you. Join us as we interview Leslie Josel of Order Out of Chaos ( around her experience helping her ADHD teen better manage time and how it led to her passion as a professional organizer and time management consultant.  If you struggle with time or your teen struggles with time, you won't want to miss this insightful show.
How do you know if your ADHD meds are working? Should you feel a buzz? Should you focus on outcomes? Or is the measure your ability to regulate your attention and emotions? In this episode of Attention Talk Radio we listen to an insightful interview with Dr. Charles Parker, author of New ADHD Medication Rules on the topic. To learn more about Dr. Parker, visit, or  or

Dr. John Ratey ( is a bestselling author and an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He is a renowned psychiatrist on treating adults with ADD. Since he himself has ADD, it is no surprise that, as a co-author with Dr. Ned Hallowell of the bestselling seminal book on ADD/ADHD, Driven to Distraction, he was able to confront a variety of false notions about ADD, including the most common myths that ADD affects only children and that ADD limits intelligence or self-discipline. Listen in as Dr. Ratey shares his insight on exercise and the ADHD brain.

Too often, we hear people talk about helping those with ADHD to build habits. We are learning that ADHD is an executive functioning issue and requires effort. It's very effortful, making it more difficult for those with ADHD to build habits than for others. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, we have an open conversation with Dr. Kirsten Milliken ( around the mechanics of building habits. We address why it's so difficult and particularly hard for those with ADHD. If you're an individual who has found behavior modification to be challenging or just hasn't worked, or if you're thinking of using it, you won't want to miss this show.

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Video News

ADHD Tips: Why Hydration is Key for Those with ADHD
Executive functioning is more challenging for those with ADHD. Why make it worse! In this video ADHD coach and Attention Talk Video host Jeff Copper will share a few insights on ADHD and hydration we bet you don't know!

ADHD Tips: Why Hydration is Key for Those with ADHD

ADHD Packing Tip 
Got attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? Do you find packing is difficult? Having to remember what to bring? In this video we reveal an obvious solution that might not be so obvious. Rather than focus on what to remember, how about crossing off what you need to forget! In this episode of Attention Talk Video, host and ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares an effective packing tip.
ADHD Packing Tip 

ADHD Tips: Paying Attention in Church
Many of those with ADHD have a difficult time sitting still and paying attention. In this episode of Attention Talk Video, we give you a tip that can help manage your focus during church services and in prayers. If you find your mind wandering off in church and wonder about your commitment to God, this is the show you won't want to miss.
ADHD Tip: Paying Attention in Church

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the Impact of Pressure
Got attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? Any idea what the impact of pressure is on you? Does it paralyze you?  Learn more and get some insight into pressure in this edition of Attention Talk Video.  By the way, it is probably more important for those who support those with ADHD to watch this video.

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