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January 6, 2015    

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Is there a relationship between your mind and your gut? And can it have any connection to your ADHD medications? Dr. Charles Parker has some enlightening ideas around "brain fog" and what you can do to deal with it. Read his article below, titled "ADHD Post-Holiday Brain Fog."

Several great guests  appeared on Attention Talk Radio recently, and we hope you'll be sure to listen.  In early December, ADHD career counselor Wilma Fellman talked about two key things to think about after your career... what to do with the rest of your life and what to do in that context with ADHD. Do you agree that a thoughtful plan is needed? Or is the best strategy just winging it? The show is titled, "ADHD in Retirement: Avoiding the Crash and Burn."


Excessive dieting contributes to weight gain, according to Dr. Roberto Olivardia in our show titled "ADHD Lifestyle and Weight Regulation." Jeff Copper reframes it as jumping to the quick fix actually moves one backwards. What is the most efficient way for those with ADHD to adjust lifestyle as a substitute for quick-fix diets that don't work?  


Make up, wardrobe, rehearsal... all can be exhausting according to ADDiva Linda Roggli in the quest to pretend to be normal. Do you step into character every morning? Is it exhausting you? Learn more in our show titled "ADHD: Pretending to be Normal." 


Is there a best ADHD app? Eric Tivers says no; it depends on how your brain is wired. So, do you choose the app or do you match your brain wiring to the app? Get more information in our show titled "Best ADHD Apps: What to Know Before You Look." 


Our featured videos for this edition include the following:

When it comes to helping ADHD teens, who is supposed to do the work? The teen? NOT! Learn more in our interview with Dr. Jeffrey Katz, titled "ADHD Help: Tips to Help ADHD Teens Feel Comfortable."

Your friend points out you are about to get gunned down in a drug deal. Would that wake you up and notice what you are doing in the big picture or would it take more than that? Find out in our interview with ADD CrusherTM Alan Brown, titled "ADHD Self-Awareness: What Does It Take? Cancer or a Bullet to Wake Up?"

If you go through an ADHD clinical study for a new drug and it works, what happens to you after the study and before the drug comes on the market if it does? To get the scoop, watch our interview with Dr. Andrew Cutler, titled "What Happens after an ADHD Medication Clinical Trial?"

Is there a difference between failure and accepting outcomes? Luca Forgeois believes in accepting outcomes and learning from your experience. What do you believe? Our interview with Luca is titled "Car Racing with ADHD and Dyslexia."

Dr. David Teplin suggests that 75 to 80% of the time ADHD is accompanied by another diagnosable mental health condition. Do you agree with him? Are the percentages higher or lower than what he shares?Get the answer in our video with him titled "ADHD and Co-Morbid Conditions."

Are you attending to the right thing? If you haven't done it yet, download our new a-Book (the "a" is for attention), "Identify YOUR Top Five Hurdles to Managing ADD/ADHD."  It has tips Jeff has learned from doing over 300 interviews with ADHD experts. Let your friends know about it, too! They can download it here:


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ADHD Post Holiday Brain Fog

After filling your plate this holiday season with delicious food, you may have noticed that you don't feel very well... especially if you have ADHD.

This is something most of us deal with this time of year. To get relief, we let out a great sigh, take off our belt, or change into the first pair of sweatpants we can find. But for some, a change in wardrobe cannot bring the relief needed from these holiday meals. From "brain fog" to medication issues, what we put into our gut can affect our minds in numerous ways.

Most don't realize the relationship between the mind and the gut, which explains the reaction is not only in your stomach, but in your brain as well. This is a great time to get educated and on track. To help you, we are sharing a video playlist with everything you need to know to get on track and prevent brain fog in the future. So, keep your belt buckled, your sweatpants in the drawer, and click here for what you need to know:

Happy New Year!

Dr. Charles Parker and the rest of the CorePsych team


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ADHD in Retirement: Avoiding the Crash and Burn
Believe it or not, some with ADHD get the opportunity to retire midlife; others get to retire even earlier; and then there is also regular retirement. While the word "retirement" conjures up thoughts of bliss and relaxation, but for many with ADHD it can be anything but! In this episode we interview ADHD career counselor Wilma Fellman about this chapter in life. More specifically, we talk about the challenges many of us with ADHD struggle with, the trouble spots, and the value of life planning. We also discuss the concepts of ADHD career counseling/coaching that can be effectively used to prevent the crash-and-burn later in life when there many chapters left to write. If you are thinking past the present and towards your next chapter of life, this is a show you won't want to miss.

Impulsivity, distractibility, procrastination, and self- regulation are all characteristics of ADHD that make it more difficult for those with ADHD to maintain healthful eating and a healthy weight. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, we interview Dr. Roberto Olivardia on the topic of regulating eating and weight when you have ADHD. If you need to adopt healthier eating habits and/or lose some weight and need some tips or strategies to help, mark your calendars and tune into this show!
ADHD: Pretending to be Normal
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is challenging for many. There are times these individuals perform and times they under perform. The inconsistency leads many to doubt their abilities. They build barriers to hide, to protect themselves, and in some cases use different personas to hide in plain sight. In this episode, we talk to ADDiva Linda Roggli ( Linda shares her combined experience as an individual and a coach and illuminates how many use personas like the "perfectionist," the "ditz," the "super hero," and others to deflect and protect. More importantly, she talks about the long-term effect of using such personas, how exhausting it is, and its impact on your inner self. If you identify with this or feel you masquerade in different ways so you won't be found out, then you can't miss this show!

Best ADHD Apps: What to Know Before You Look
Apps? What are the best apps? What are the best ADHD apps? What do I need to know before I look for apps? How can I get lost in apps? How do I make apps productive? In this edition of Attention Talk Radio, we interview ADHD professional and techno app junkie Eric Tivers ( around key questions on apps, what you need to know, and how not to let them sabotage or overwhelm you. If you are interested in apps, technology, or just getting more productive, this is a show you won't want to miss.

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Video News

Tips to Help ADHD Teens Feel Comfortable
Dr. Jeffrey Katz ( is a clinical psychologist working with teens every day. How does he quickly create a relaxed and fun atmosphere? First, don't call him Sam; then, understand his favorite game is "Jeff wins," and know he is the one that has to do the work, not the teen. Get the details of these tips and how they work in our interview with him. Note: This show is for parents, educators, coaches, and mental health professionals alike.
ADHD Help: Tips to Help ADHD Teens Feel Comfortable


ADHD Self-Awareness:
What Does It Take to Wake Up? Cancer or a Bullet?

Your mother is dying of cancer and you scoot off to deal drugs. Your friend points out you are about to get gunned down in a drug deal. Is that what it takes for many with ADHD to have self-awareness wash over them? It did for ADD Crusher™ Alan Brown ( Self-awareness for those with ADHD isn't that easy. If it were, they'd be able to manage and self-regulate their attention better. Watch this interview for Alan Brown's real-life story and what it took for him to wake up... not completely but enough to get on track.
ADHD Self-Awareness: What Does It Take to Wake Up? Cancer or a Bullet?

Car Racing with ADHD and Dyslexia 
Got attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or dyslexia? Need inspiration? Watch our interview with 19-year-old open race car driver Luca Forgeois as he shares a bit of his story. You can learn more about Luca on CHADD's ADHD Champions Website at 

What Happens after an ADHD Medication Clinical Trial? 
So, you volunteer for an ADHD clinical trial. It's free for you and you're helping the ADHD community! The question is, what happens when the clinical trial is over? Are you cut off or are post-trial resources provided? Find out as we interview Dr. Andrew Cutler of Florida Clinical Research Center ( Learn more about the center and post-research help.
What Happens after an ADHD Medication Clinical Trial?

ADHD and Co-Morbid Conditions
Want some fries and a shake with that order? Want another condition to keep company with your ADHD? All too often ADHD is accompanied by another diagnosable disorder. In this episode of Attention Talk Video, Dr. David Teplin gives us a list of the most common things that seem to shadow ADHD (

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