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July 1, 2014   

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Are ADD people afraid to be who they are? Or do they just go down their own paths? In our featured article, Tom Nardone suggests we should just enjoy the ride. What is perfectly normal for someone with ADD is not necessarily considered normal by society. As Tom says, "The thing I would least like to be is ordinary."  Read the article in this issue reprinted from Tom's blog, titled "ADD: You Will Find What You Look for, So Why Don't You Just Look for an Adventure?" 

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Which is more effective in managing kids, telling them what they ARE to do or telling them what they ARE NOT to do? Jodi Sleeper-Triplett believes the former is more effective. What do you think? Learn more in the show, titled "Surviving the Summer with ADHD Children and Families."


Can you see the benefit of support groups like ADDA to advocate on your behalf? Evelyn Polk Green suggests that the key to improving the lot for the ADHD community is speaking with a collective voice. Do you agree?  Learn more in our show, titled "ADDA: 25 Years - Past, Present & Future."  


Results of career counseling questionnaires should be viewed as revealing clues, not answers, toward career direction. Is that something you "get"? Find out more from Jeff Copper's interview with Wilma Fellman, career counselor, in our show, titled "ADHD: Looking for a Career Can Be Counterintuitive."


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Sit down, shut up, pay attention, focus... why can't you do that? Do such comments day in and day out impact your self-esteem? How does a negative self-esteem compare to the long-term effects of taking ADHD stimulant medications?  Hear what ADHD coach and nurse practitioner Laurie Dupar has to say in our video, titled "What Are the Long-Term Effects of NOT Taking ADHD Medications?"

ADHD coach Jay Carter talks about how cognitive disability accommodations are a learning process. What do you think? Seems to Jeff that it would be a frustrating process. How would you handle it?  Check out our video interview with Jay, titled "ADHD Tips: What to Know before Asking for Workplace Accommodations." 

Marriage consultant Melissa Orlov suggests the ADHD partner is not always the one in denial in a relationship. Frequently, it is the non-ADHD partner who needs to focus on his or her own denial. What do you think? Is the ADHD partner typically the one with the issue? Watch our video interview with Melissa, titled "ADHD: Coping with Denial."

From his clinical experience, Dr. Charles Parker says that those who have protein for breakfast experience fewer side effects from stimulant medication.  What is your experience?  Get the answer and learn more in our video interview with Dr. Parker, titled "Protein Breakfast and ADHD Stimulant Medications."

Are you attending to the right thing? If you haven't done it yet, download our new a-Book (the "a" is for attention), "Identify YOUR Top Five Hurdles to Managing ADD/ADHD."  It has tips Jeff has learned from doing over 300 interviews with ADHD experts. Let your friends know about it, too! They can download it here:

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ADD: You Will Find What you Look for, So Why Don't You Just Look for an Adventure?     


There is a lot written on ADD/ADHD. To be honest, I don't read most of it. The reason for this is that I find most (not all) of them incredibly boring. They are quite typical; list the symptoms, list the medication and/or treatment options, and then offer a supportive wish you well or good luck on their blogs which are covered with advertisements. They also almost always address ADD as a problem, and a problem only. I feel by doing this they are scaring and misinforming there readers.
The majority of these articles are written by doctors. Doctors are used to treating problems, so I guess it would stand to reason that they should write about ADD in that context. There are two types of people who write these articles; Doctors and those with ADD. I think most people feel better reading something written by a doctor, rather than by someone with ADD. Because if a doctor said it, than it can't be wrong. Don't kid yourself. Believe it or not, sometimes doctors are wrong. They are only human, and while doctor written articles can be informative, and important, they are seldom inspiring. I write on ADD to inspire, encourage, and mostly to entertain people who are frantic or fearful of this dreaded title.

So, allow me to inspire you.
So, you or loved one is messy..... Albert Einstein said "A messy desk is a sign of a genius." I will tell you that I have been living in my home for seven years and my wife would tell you that I have been cleaning it for that exact amount of time. I would say that the only thing in my life that is organized is this website.

So, what about daydreaming? Is it necessarily a bad thing all of a sudden for someone to have an active or creative mind? People say that people with ADD have trouble paying attention. I'm sure some teachers feel better believing that. The truth is that people with ADD have trouble paying attention to things that are not interesting to them. Is it a teachers job to teach the class, or is their job just to simply stand up and read the lesson plan each week? Ask your son or daughter to explain to you, everything they learned in school that day. Then ask them to tell you about a video game they play. See what takes longer.
To read the rest of Tom's blog click here.

Copyright  2014. Tom Nardone. All rights reserved.
Published with permission.
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After nine months of rigid school schedules, homework, and the hustle and bustle of after-school activities, the summer might seem like an oasis for the tired, worn-out, ADHD family. Is it?  In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, we interview Master Certified Coach Jodi Sleeper-Triplett on the benefits and challenges of the summer vacation. She offers tips, food for thought, and other useful ideas to manage the time off and reenergize kids and ADHD families. If you are in an ADHD family and need some tips to survive, you don't want to miss this show.

This year, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) is celebrating 25 years since its founding, and a lot has happened since then. In this edition of Attention Talk Radio, host Jeff Copper interviews Evelyn Polk Green, president of Attention Deficit Disorder Association, reflecting on the ADHD community's past, its present, and its visions for the future. From a meta perspective, this show will be fascinating to reflect on where we've been, how far we've come, and what needs to be done. If you're involved in the ADHD community, this is a show you won't want to miss.   

Got ADHD? Looking to cast yourself in a job you were born to do? Is it straightforward, or is the process counterintuitive? In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, we interview ADHD career counselor Wilma Fellman. We talk about the process of looking for the right career, including how many times it is best to rule out what you shouldn't do before you begin to look at what you should do. How does this counterintuitive process benefit those with ADHD? If your job is on the line, if you are looking to make a career change, or if you are getting ready to graduate and go into the working world, you don't want to miss this show.

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What Are the Long-Term Effects of NOT Taking ADHD Medications?

Many have concerns over the long-term effects of taking ADHD stimulant medications. Are there any effects for NOT taking those meds? ADHD coach and nurse practitioner Laurie Dupar says yes. Watch our interview to get the scoop.

What Are the Long-Term Effects of NOT Taking ADHD Medications?

ADHD: Coping with Denial

So, you're in an ADHD relationship. Is your partner in denial around his or her ADHD? Are you in denial around your impact on his or her ADHD? Watch our interview with marriage consultant Melissa Orlov as she talks about denial, the role it plays in your relationship, and what you can do about it.  If you have ADHD or are in a relationship with someone who has ADHD, this is an interview you won't want to miss.

ADHD: Coping with Denial

ADHD Tips: What to Know before Asking for Workplace Accommodations

Companies do well in making accommodations for physical disabilities.  What about cognitive disabilities like ADHD?  Watch our interview with Jay Carter to learn what you need to know before addressing ADHD accommodations in the workplace.  

ADHD Tips:  What to Know Before Asking for Workplace Accommodations

Protein Breakfast and ADHD Stimulant Medications

What is the impact of a protein breakfast on those with ADHD taking stimulant medications?  Should protein be classified as a medication in the context of those with ADHD taking stimulant medications? Find out this and more in our interview with Dr. Charles Parker.

Protein Breakfast & ADHD Stimulant Medications

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