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June 1, 2014   

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How does ADD CrusherTM Alan Brown use telling lies as an important strategy in actively managing ADHD mayhem? What do you do when you catch yourself telling a little white lie? Do you believe the lie?  In our featured article, "Lies ADHD Adults Tell and Really Believe," Alan exposes the "lies" and what they really mean.  


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Love him or leave him, but Tom Nardone is quite outspoken about ADHD. So what does he say about those who blame everything on ADHD when it is not always the case? Find out in our show, titled "ADHD: You Can't Blame Everything on ADHD."


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If you haven't done it yet, download our new aBook (the "a" is for attention), "Identify YOUR Top Five Hurdles to Managing ADD/ADHD."  It has tips Jeff has learned from doing over 300 interviews with ADHD experts.

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Lies ADHD Adults Tell and Really Believe


OK, that's not a very polite way to open a Crusher blog -- calling ourselves liars. But we're all liars, including me. 
I co-hosted a great ADDA Webinar recently with the brilliant Eric Tivers, who laid out what he calls "Top Lies People with ADHD Tell Themselves...and Really Believe." Whoppers such as... 
"I'll remember that."  
"I'll do it later."
"I'll be done in five minutes."
"I'm just going to check my email."
"I'll just do one more." 
Now, these seem like fairly innocuous lies (not on a par with, say, "Oh no, I won't invade your country," or ,"Ya, I'm next in line for the Dalai Lama job."). But you don't need to be a board certified psychiatrist to know what kind of trouble and overwhelm can result from buying into these lies. 
Eric's talk reminded me of a strategy I hatched a ways back but that didn't make it into the ADD Crusher™ videos, or even a blog, 'til now. It's a "brain hack" I call, Know What You Know and then KNOW It, and it gets right at the heart of upending these lies we tell ourselves. Here goes: 
We ADHD adults know deep down such little lies aren't true. ("I know I WON'T do just one more, but I don't care cuz I'm having fun hyperfocusing.") We also know a bit deeper down the kind of mayhem believing these lies creates ("My husband's gonna be p.o.'d if I'm late again"). But we don't KNOW something truly until we act according to that knowledge. To "know" is one thing. To DO RIGHT (i.e., take action) is to really KNOW. 
Once you adopt and adhere to the above assumptions, you can begin to put this powerful strategy to work for you. For instance, given this classic internal dialogue... 
"I'm just gonna check a few more emails before I leave for my daughter's play..." [Lie #1 - Deep down you KNOW you're in the middle of a nice comfy hyper-focus session]. 
"...Besides, it'll only take me a minute to get ready..." [Lie #2 - You've never timed your getting-ready. You're just smooth-talking yourself to gain permission for continued hyper-focusing.].
"...and probably only 15 minutes to get there." [Lie #3 - If you think about it, 15 minutes is the least it's ever taken you to get there - you're engaged in wishful ADHD-time-warp thinking.].
And overall, you know deeper down that this same or similar situation has resulted in you being late to this, that or the other thing many times before. Now, the pivotal question before you is whether you will choose to KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW, and then KNOW IT - by getting out of that chair and heading off to your daughter's play with a shot at actually being early. Think of how good that will feel! That's the power of knowing what you know and knowing it. 
So next time you catch yourself in one of these little lies, ask yourself: Don't I KNOW this is really BS? Don't I KNOW nothing good will come from ignoring this knowledge? And do I KNOW the power of DOING the right thing instead of believing the lie?



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Edge Foundation is a loyal supporter of Attention Talk Network. Recently they released an excellent video about coaching with lots of great comments and testimonials from individuals coached by Edge Foundation coaches.  We encourage you to check it out! Coaching can be powerful for many in need. If you see someone struggling with ADHD, forward this video and let them know help is out there in the form of coaching.
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ADHD Relationship Tips: Structured Conversations

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Those with ADHD are impulsive!  What are we to do?  How do we manage it? Just pause; right?  But if it were that easy, it would have worked by now; right? Maybe we should consider building habits to pause. Watch our interview with ADD Crusher™ Alan Brown, hear his thoughts, and get tips on how to build pause into your routine and manage impulsivity.

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