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May 1, 2014   

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Why does Tom Nardone rant and rave? Why does he say we need to shout and raise cane? In our featured article, "ADHD People: Sometimes, It's Their Fault," Tom says when we are faced with a fight that can't be won, the only thing left to lose is our composure. According to Tom, masking anger just encourages others to continue making us unhappy.


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In our interview with Ann Dolin, she said jotting down all your worries before a test improves test scores. What do you think of that strategy?  Listen to our show, "ADHD: Tests and Test Anxiety," and learn more. 


Is managing your attention diet an executive function? Does it require effort for your prefrontal cortex to override what you automatically attend to? Dr. Ari Tuckman and Jeff Copper do. How about you?  Learn more in the show, "ADHD: What Is Your Daily Diet of Attention?"  


If dopamine is the reward neurotransmitter in terms of behavior, do all roads lead to dopamine? Get the answer in our show with Dr. Kenneth Blum, "Dopamine: The Reward Neurotransmitter and Its Role in ADHD."  


When people give vague criticism, like, "You are lazy," Sandy Maynard is opposed to asking why the criticizer thinks that, but is in favor of asking, "How am I lazy?" or "When am I lazy?" or "What makes you think I'm lazy?" as a means to manage the situation. What do you think?  Listen to our show, "ADHD: Handling Criticism."

If you have ADHD, how exactly should you set out about advocating and getting accommodations at work? Check out our show, "Getting Accommodations at Work," with Scott Wilbur and get some tips on how to get what you need.

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Can your recipe for how you do things be valuable?  Watch our video interview with Dr. David Nowell on Attention Talk Video, titled "Exactly How Did You Do That: The Value of An ADHD Recipe" and get the answer. 

What role does denial play in stressed ADHD relationships? Get the answer and learn more from Melissa Orlov in our video interview with her, titled "The Key to Stressed ADHD Relationships: Overcoming Denial."

Is there a difference between empowering and enabling?  Get the answer and learn more from Jodi Sleeper-Triplett in our video interview with her, titled "ADHD Parent Tips: Enabling vs. Empowering."

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Tom Nardone's Rant:   "ADHD People: Sometimes It's Their Fault"   


Sometimes, bad things happen to people who are not ADHD. Difficult as this may seem, non-ADHD people get divorced, are fired from jobs, get kicked out of their houses or apartments, and have car crashes. Yes, they too will at times receive the short end of the stick, and it might even be something for which they are the cause. ADHD people are not the only ones weathering the storms of life.

My wife, in my previous marriage, felt everything was my fault. The house rule seemed to be, "Tom is ADHD so Tom is wrong". She felt she was right during every dispute we had, simply by default. Her reasoning was simple enough. Any conflict we had was simply me having difficulty dealing with my ADHD.


She would say, "Now Tom, you are just being irritable and we both know this is a result of your ADHD. Have you taken your meds?" This was said to me anytime I got angry about anything. I will concede, irritability is a symptom of ADHD. However, I also concede, assuming your husband's ADHD is the cause of everything in his life that makes him angry, is a symptom of being a spiteful bitch.


ADHD or not, people will experience irritability at some point in their lives. Being irritable is a symptom, but there are many symptoms of being ADHD, and everyone will exhibit these characteristics at one time or another. Everybody has found themselves daydreaming, blurting out something inappropriate, or not finishing what they started. None of which are an automatic diagnosis.


My point is when ADHD people exhibit characteristics for which they are known, it does not necessarily mean that particular behavior is a result of their ADHD every time they exhibit these characteristics. That sentence was hard to write and may be difficult to understand. That is okay.


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Tom paints a vivid picture unfiltered on his blog... just click here  


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In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, attention coach Jeff Copper interviews Dr. Kenneth Blum on the subject of dopamine and its role in ADHD. Dopamine is a reward neurotransmitter and has an impact on almost all of our behaviors. In the interview, Jeff and Dr. Blum talk about what happens when there is a lack of dopamine and the behaviors that can lead to. They also discuss coaching techniques used to help manage this condition. If you have ADHD and want to understand why you do what you do, this is a show you won't want to miss.

Learning is one thing... taking tests is another. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, we interview education and learning expert Ann Dolin. We talk about effective ways to prepare for tests, dispel the myths, and key in on a key challenge facing many with ADHD, which is test anxiety. If you or someone you know has ADHD or is impacted by it and struggles to perform on tests, you won't want to miss this show.

The attention deficit disorder label would imply that those with ADD can't pay attention. What we've learned in interviewing ADHD experts is that ADD is more of a self-regulation issue, which explains why many with ADD have trouble pulling away from things that have engaged their attention. Can one benefit by noticing the nature of their daily diet of attention? Join us in our interview with Dr. Ari Tuckman as we get his thoughts on the topic. If you want to better manage your attention, then listen to this interview. You might be surprised by what you can learn by noticing what you attend to.

ADHD: Handling Criticism
Many with ADHD live a lifetime being criticized. How does one appropriately respond and manage criticism in an ego-driven world? In this episode of Attention Talk Radio we interview Sandy Maynard who gives tips on how to respond to criticism positively by being assertive and not attacking or surrendering to the technique. If you find yourself overly criticized or struggling with it, this is a show you won't want to miss.

ADHD: Getting Accommodations at Work
So, you've got ADHD and need some accommodations at work. How exactly should you set out about advocating and getting accommodations? In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, we'll interview transitions consultant Scott Wilbur on the key things to pay attention to, as well as tips on how to advocate and get what you need. If you are impacted by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and know you could perform better with a few structural changes, you don't want to miss this show.

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ADHD: The Key to Stressed ADHD Relationships: Overcoming Denial
Watch our interview with Melissa Orlov, relationship consultant, as we discuss stressful ADHD relationships. In our interview, we discuss the key, the single most important thing, to moving forward -- dealing with denial. If you have a stressful ADHD relationship, don't miss this interview.
The Key to Stressed ADHD Relationships: Overcoming Denial
The Key to Stressed ADHD Relationships: Overcoming Denial
In this interview we talk with Dr. David Nowell about observing how you do things... exactly. Most are not aware of their own recipe for doing things. Your grandmother's pound cake recipe enables her to replicate a delicious cake over and over and over again. Knowing your recipe for success is just as valuable. Watch this video and learn more.
Exactly How Did You Do That? The Value of an ADHD Recipe

ADHD Parent Tips: Enabling vs. Empowering
Parents want to empower their ADHD kids.  Many times that means doing things to aid your ADHD adolescent. But the question is, where is the line between empowering and enabling?  That line you cross when you are no longer empowering but enabling them to avoid learning a skill or addressing something they will need to be successful in life.  Watch our interview with ADHD Coach Jodi Sleeper-Triplett as she and Jeff Copper share perspectives on the topic.
ADHD Parent Trips: Enabling vs. Empowering

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