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November 25, 2013  

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null In the fall of 2009, Global TV released a documentary on ADHD produced by Rick and Ava Green, called Totally ADD and Loving It?! Knowing it would have an impact on the ADD community, I reached out to Rick to learn more about him and what he was doing. At that time, Attention Talk Radio was nothing more than an audio podcast with a few hundred downloads. Rick was daydreaming around building an online community. That was then... fast forward to now. is alive and thriving. Attention Talk Radio has grown from an insignificant podcast to a robust media channel that includes audio, video, and print. How did Totally ADD and Attention Talk Network get to where they are? On the backs of the experts.

On separate but parallel paths, Rick and I have interviewed countless experts on ADHD. In the process, we have both benefited from an amazing education. Recently, Rick blogged on his experience and shared his involvement with Attention Talk Radio as an interviewee on the show. In this edition of Attention Talk News, I want to mirror Rick's work and express my sentiment back at him. This edition contains our body of work together. If you choose to listen, watch, or read any of our joint work, I hope you have as much fun consuming it as Rick and I had creating it.

To Rick, you are one of the cool people I have worked with over the years. Like you, I, too, cringe when I hear or watch one of my shows, but also like you, I'm becoming more confident in the content from having interviewed hundreds of experts. I know it's not necessarily the personality but the substance that gives significance to what we do. To, Rick and Ava, it's been an honor collaborating with you. So, here's to! You have come a long way in four short years.


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Want to lighten the mood around ADHD? Rick Green imparted his wisdom about "The Impact of Humor on ADHD" on Attention Talk Radio, as he demonstrated that "a good joke always has a perspective shift in the middle" Perhaps this is why those with ADHD can be such great comics; they are always shifting perspectives! Find the link to the show in our Audio News section of this issue. 


In looking for a marital relationship, is it about what you want in your spouse? Or what you want in a relationship? Get some unique insight from Ava and Rick Green in their interview on Attention Talk Radio, titled "We Plus ADHD Creating Great Relationships." You'll find the link to the show in our audio News section below.

What sells better... a story or facts? Is there a science to a story? Find out in our interview with Rick Green, entitled, "The Anatomy of a Story and the Benefit to Those with ADHD." The details of the show are in our Audio News section of this e-newsletter. 
What is Gene DRD 4.7? And why do those with ADHD need to know about it?  Check out our Video News section to get the link and see what Rick Green has to share about Gene DRD 4.7 on Attention Talk Video, titled, "How Can Gene DRD 4.7 Be Used as a Weapon for Those with ADD?"


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ADHD and Attention Talk Radio      

 by Rick Green, 


null Since we began this journey into the world of adult ADHD, we've had the privilege to meet with, interview, and collaborate with some very cool people. Some are doctors or researchers. Many are authors, coaches, or advocates who know about ADHD first hand, and have made it their own personal crusade.  


Some have written books. Some have started advocacy groups. Some blog. Some coach. Some rant and rail. It's all good.  


Each has their own particular backstory, motivations, and mission. But the common goal seems to be eliminate the bull crap, the stigma, and the mythology to give people tools that work. Oh, and because many of them have ADHD, they sure to have fun doing it.  


Seeing the Progress, or Hearing It.  

One of the cool people we've been working with over the years is Jeff Copper at Attention Talk Radio. In September, I was on the show. In October he had Ava and I on together. In the early days, Patrick McKenna and I were on together. Oh, and in between, I did another solo interview as well.  


Listening to the four interviews, I was struck by several things. First, how fast Jeff, Patrick, and I talked. Second, how amazing it is that we can actually understand what we're saying. And third, the growth in my knowledge and understanding.  


I'm starting to sound like I know what I'm talking about. And often I actually do.  


I recently did a one-hour talk on ADHD that turned into a two-hour talk, as mine tend to do, and I was amazed at what came out of my mouth. It's kind of like when you're playing Trivial Pursuit and they ask you a question in a category that you really don't know much about. For me that's sports. So you have no idea what the answer is, and you shrug and blurt out, "I dunno. Uh, Ty Cobb and the New York Yankees?" And you're right! And no one is more amazed than you, right?  


Calm and Clear or at Least a Bit Calmer and Less Hyper.   

If you listen to the interviews it becomes apparent I'm more confident. Cause I'm more knowledgeable. (Having interviewed perhaps 60 experts is probably a big part of that.)  


I can't really listen to myself. I cringe like most people when they see photos of themselves. "Eww! Do I really look like that?!"  


But in forcing myself to listen and not critique, I get that the interviews are jam packed with ideas and information. Plus, just like our webinars, Jeff Copper has the interviews archived so you can listen to them any time.  


My suggestion is to tune in to one of them when you're doing something that doesn't require your full attention. Not that we ever give anything our full attention. But they're great to listen to while you're doing the dishes, sewing a button on a shirt, or exercising.  


And not just my interviews. There's some legendary figures, and amazing personalities in Jeff's archives.  


I'm curious to know what you think of the interviews. My one with Ava is especially juicy. The one with Patrick is great too. Heck, they all are. Enjoy.  


And thank you to Jeff Copper.


--Rick Green 


Originally published on Republished with permission.    



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The Impact of ADHD on Sports and Exercise  

There are many differing opinions out there when it comes to whether sports are beneficial or detrimental to those with ADHD. According to Jeff Copper, an attention coach and expert on attention issues, the answer is both. There are many variables to consider when it comes to an individual with ADD or ADHD participating in sports. Some of those variables include the type of sport -- individual, team, non-competitive, competitive; whether a learning disability is present, as well; and the type of ADD one has, since not all attention disorders are created equal.   


Sports and exercise can offer benefits from a physical, psychological, and social perspective. On July 29, 2013, we explore these benefits and Jeff guides us through the pros and cons between individual sports and team sports, as well as non-competitive and competitive. For example, ADHD coupled with a learning disability can make learning plays in team sports more challenging. Others may find aerobic exercises too boring. These are the types of issues Jeff explores in order to help listeners figure out which type of sport or exercise is best suited for their needs.  


We also address the benefits of sports and exercise from a physical, psychological, and social perspective. As a certified coach, Jeff teaches us what he's learned from the coach's perspective, as well, including why many with ADHD struggle to exercise, why they used to exercise but don't now, and how many runners who quit running got diagnosed a few years after they stopped running.  


To access this webinar, you have to register with Totally ADD. Just click on the following link (, register, then go to the webinar page.



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 Recent Shows to Listen to in Our Archives


Hang onto your hats! This show is ADD on steroids. Listen in as host Jeff Copper interviews Patrick McKenna and Rick Green, two of the most outrageous ADDers on the planet around the conception, creation, and the development of Totally ADD and its website. Learn about the whimsical video that puts ADD into context while educating and informing you in a humorous way. Call in and participate in the show. You don't want to miss it.


The Impact of Humor on ADHD 

"If we weren't all crazy, we would go insane" -- Jimmy Buffet. That's right; we're all a little crazy in our own way, especially those with ADHD. All too often, ADDers get caught up in the seriousness of life. Most could use a little humor to lighten things up, and the ability to laugh at themselves to take off some of the pressure. In this edition of Attention Talk Radio, we interview comedian and ADDer Rick Green on humor and its impact on ADHD and share some funny ADHD stories. If you have ADHD and need to lighten things up, this is the show for you.


WE Plus ADHD: Creating Great Relationships
null You fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after... NOT!  How about a re-frame? You fall in love, get married, and live happier, and happier, and happier. Now you're talking! In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, your host, attention and ADHD coach, Jeff Copper interviews "We," who are Rick and Ava Green."We" represents not Rick, not Ava, but their relationship. Yes, there's a third-party in their marriage. The marriage itself. Now we add a twist: "We" plus ADHD. Oh yes, Rick has ADHD and, thus, the couple has ADHD. In our interview we talk about the impact of ADHD on relationships, the challenges, the importance of knowing ADHD is there, the impact of knowledge on expectations, the overriding vote "We" have in relationships and how this couple lives happier, and happier, and happier.

The Anatomy of a Story and the Benefit to Those with ADHD
null Stories are powerful. Stories are what we tell ourselves about ourselves, our families, and our world. Stories impact how we attend to things and what we do with our lives. Stories can reduce our fears or send us into terror. They tap into our emotions. True stories do more than impart information. They move us emotionally and spiritually, because they find the deeper truth in what has happened. In this episode host, attention coach, Jeff Copper interviews comedian, professional story writer, and ADDer Rick Green about the power of stories.  They look at the anatomy of a story, attend to its different parts, and illustrate how stories can be changed with simple shifts of perspective. In the end the topic sounds fun, but the real meat of the interview is around managing a story to have positive impact on ADHD and controlling it. Stories can become a powerful tool to help others understand that ADHD is real, can devastate lives, but properly dealt with, can become an ally. If you want to overcome stigma, fear, doubt, or dismissal from people and you're tired of arguing, berating, and explaining to no avail, then don't miss this show.

Be sure to visit the Attention Talk News website  


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Why is it that the most ignorant people have the strongest opinion? Watch our interview with comedian Rick Green of Totally ADD as we talk about how Gene DRD 4.7 can be used to defend yourself when confronted by anyone who believes ADHD isn't real!

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