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September 9, 2013  

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What would you say is the most underestimated alternative treatment for adults with ADHD? According to ADD CrusherTM Alan Brown, it's awareness. Check out Alan's article in this issue, entitled, "The Power of Awareness as Alternative ADHD Treatment." Learn how he validates his theory with practical reasoning. Answer the questions he poses and see if you have the awareness that can unlock your door to understanding.   


In our Guest Writer section, creative writer Jodi Ralston writes about difficulties in writing and what it's like to be a writer with ADD, or what she calls writing from the seat of her pants." In her article titled, "ADD and Writing Craft Weird: Writing without My Pants on aka Winging It Wrong," she shares how she derives pleasure in uncovering what's next around each corner with each unexpected discovery in her unplanned story line. She has learned a position of strength in her creativity by working it out her way.


Have you watched our video called "Get It, Got It, Good"? If so, you would also like this video with Jackie Minniti, entitled "ADHD Homework Tip: Write It, Check It, Good!" on Attention Talk Video.


What role does arousal play in positive stress or negative stress?  Get the answers from Dr. Blythe Corbett in our interview with her on Attention Talk Radio August 28, 2013, in the show, titled "ADHD: Stress and Anxiety in a Context We Can All Understand."


What is the benefit of having a text sent to you with a key question for your psychologist during an appointment? Find out in our interview on Attention Talk Radio with Tracey Bromley Goodwin and Holly Oberacker of Navigating ADHD, entitled "Navigating ADHD: The Impact of Coaching on Your Treatment Team."   


And coming soon, be sure to catch our radio shows on September 11 and September 18 with Steve Callender, an ADD coach who specializes in sales. Steve shares his insight and expertise to help salespeople with ADD reach their fullest potential. Get the details below in our upcoming shows, entitled "ADHD in Sales Positions: The Attraction" and "ADHD and Sales Careers: Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution."

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ADD and Writing Craft Weird: Writing without My Pants on aka Winging It Wrong  by Jodi Ralston 

Article originally appeared on Shades of Weird and is reproduced with permission. 


I learned something new today. If you have ADD, you do not want to be a pantser -- that is, a writer who wings it without an outline, a writer who writes by the seat of her pants. Or at least, this ADD writer can't pants a story.

Because to my ADD brain, pantsing is the equivalent of a bird migrating without an internal compass, or writing without any pants on. Left to its own devices, my brain fails to keep plot and characterization well-focused, self-explanatory, and consistent. My thoughts are just not organized enough for that. Worse, once I type up and edit up too much of a story, the story becomes set in concrete. And there are few things I hate more than cracking it, grinding it down to powder, and pouring it into a new mold.

That means I need to learn to do it right the first time. And I need to learn from my mistakes (like I am doing here, thank God).

That being said, however, there is one area in which I can still pants. And that is the idea stage, when I'm trying to figure out what story to tell. A few paragraphs, a snippet, a vignette--all of these can give me material to work with, a concept I can now whip into the proper shape with some hard planning.

And you know what? It's still fun. You just spread your fun out. There is a lot of pleasure to be found in discovering what comes next, in being surprised by your characters or story or the world you are creating. Pantsers derive most of that pleasure as they write. But as an outliner, the pleasure comes in big doses during the planning stage and small doses during the writing stage. After all, even with the strictest outline, I still have had character or story or world surprise me in some small way.

So in a nutshell, my advice to writers with ADD and even to those without? Know your strengths and weaknesses, and then make sure you work from a position of strength, not the easy way or the way peer pressure guides you. Work your way, and you will make your own success the first time around.   


Originally published on Shades of Weird. Reprinted with permission.   



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The Power of Awareness as Alternative ADHD Treatment   

 by Alan Brown, ADD CrusherTM 


Crusher believes that ADHD is best crushed with a range of treatments and solutions - which can be medication(s), alternative ADHD treatments, natural remedies, diet and lifestyle changes, ADHD coaching, mindfulness, neuro-therapy, etc., or some combination of all of these. If there is one thing I've learned battling this condition for the past 13 years, there is no one best alternative ADHD treatment for all.


In trying to get smarter on the whole megillah and perhaps learn of some emerging new adult ADHD treatment options, I listened to two archived Attention Talk Radio interviews with Dr. Russell Ramsay, a prominent psychologist at UPenn. While he and interviewer Jeff Copper covered the gamut of treatment options, one theme kept popping up in my ADD brain: the power of AWARENESS -- and the realization that, if you did nothing but improve your awareness of various realities, you'd be into at least 3rd gear in your crush-mobile.


ADHD Treatment STARTS with Correct Diagnosis

 It occurred to me that the first thing that happens on the road to effective ADHD treatment is the not-so-bitty bit of awareness -- that you have ADD/ADHD! What a life-changer THAT is, huh? Although, according to Ramsay, an often overlooked issue is CORRECT diagnosis. Often, misdiagnosis of ADHD stems from the patient instead (or also) suffering from panic attacks, depression, a life situation or additional condition that complicates the matter. "All that glitters is not gold -- and all that's inattentive is not ADHD," as he says.


The Most Underestimated Alternative ADHD Treatment is AWARENESS

Beyond this big one, there are scores of additional areas of awareness that can power you forward. And as I thought of the range of these, it occurred to me that basic self-awareness plus a dash of knowledge could be the single most underestimated form of ADHD treatment for us adults with ADD. Let's dig in...

  • Start with awareness of ADD/ADHD's inner workings, its nature, co-morbidities, etc. The more you understand it, the more you can crush it.
  • Awareness of the options available to you in terms of treatment and resources. There are countless!
  • Awareness of what you're lousy at and what you're good at. (Check out the ATR interview with Wilma Fellman, which I recently blogged about.)
  • Awareness of why you did what you did in your past (see my recent interview on Attention Talk Radio). There are great lessons to be had from even the darkest ADHD past.

Now, this modest blog post can't possibly TEACH all the facets of awareness, but I'll get some more mental wheels turning and further support the commanding importance of awareness as a powerful alternative ADHD treatment with some pointed questions...  

  • Are you aware that what you put in your body could be screwing you up? Crusher talks about this in Video I Way 1 - cuz it's so foundational!! (There's a preview on YouTube.)
  • Are you aware that the constant, uncontrolled dialogue in your head is NOT a mandatory part of your existence - that you can quiet that thing down in order to power it up? Both Ramsay and Crusher™ videos (Way 3) address this powerful alternative ADHD treatment.
  • How aware are you of the reality of time? Sure, you know you're always late, always underestimate the amount of time required to finish something or to get somewhere, etc. But is your awareness at a level that you can compensate for it?
  • Are you keenly aware of the reasons for your procrastination? Having that knowledge can unlock the door to action (as taught in ADD Crusher™ Video II, Way 7).
  • I could go on, but I'm aware that a blog shouldn't get much beyond 700 words...  

But lastly, are you aware of the unlimited possibilities that become available to you when you make the effort -- whether alone or with a coach -- to gain more understanding about yourself, to form positive habits, and to believe in yourself? Ah, there's your icing in this cake of CRUSH!




Originally published in ADD Crusher Blog. Republished with permission. 

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How can you manage anything if you don't know what you're managing? For example, how are stress, anxiety, and daily hassles different from each other? What about anticipation and actual events? Can stress be different from, say, physical, biological, cognitive, or emotional perspectives? What strategies work for managing stress, anxiety, or daily hassle? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this episode of Attention Talk Radio where host, attention coach Jeff Copper, interviews Dr. Blythe Colbert of Vanderbilt University. If you have ADHD and stress or anxiety... and you know you do... you can't miss this show.


ADHD coaching is real, growing, and becoming an integral part of all ADHD treatment teams. In this episode your host, attention and ADHD coach, Jeff Copper interviews Tracey Bromley Goodwin and Holly Oberacker of Navigating ADHD. They share specific examples of how they work with mental health and medical professionals as a comprehensive part of an ADHD treatment team to achieve improved outcomes. If you are a mental health or medical professional or are interested in learning about how coaching can help, you won't want to miss this show.


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ADHD and Sales Positions: The Attraction
Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 8 pm ET

When it comes to ADHD, it's about environment, environment, environment, says host and attention coach Jeff Copper. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, Jeff interviews ADHD sales coach Steve Callender on the characteristics of the environment of most sales jobs that attract those with ADHD and what misdirects their attention to miscast themselves in sales positions. If you are considering a sales job or are already in a sales job and have ADHD, you won't want to miss this insightful show.

ADHD and Sales Careers: Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution
Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 8 pm ET
Episodic sales, reoccurring sales, create a need sale, replacement sales, product sales, intangible sales, wholesale and retail sales... There are many different kinds of sales, each requiring different kinds of talents. While the characteristics of the environment attract many with ADHD to the sales field, it's not for everyone, and not every person with ADHD is cut out for each kind of sales position. In this episode, we interview Steve Callender, ADHD sales coach, around the many different kinds of sales and their characteristics, and then we illuminate the notion that the generic label of sales is not a one-size-fits-all solution and needs to be deconstructed before pursuing it and achieving success in it.

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ADHD Homework Tip: Write It, Check It, Good!
Jackie Minniti (, a retired schoolteacher and author of "Project June Bug," has a clever way for teachers and parents to communicate and help ADD students to track their homework. Her strategy is an effective way to monitor things and reduce the need for parents to direct kids, which in turn helps the ADD student learn to manage homework in a self-directed way.

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