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July 8, 2013 


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Ever thought about the difference in awareness and diagnosis for girls with ADHD as opposed to boys? How do outcomes for women differ from those in men? Need some thoughts on how to help undo what appears to be injustice to all ADHD girls and women? Read what ADD CrusherTM Alan Brown has to say in his article, entitled, "3 Special Challenges ADHD Women and Girls Face,"  in our guest writer section of this issue.


In our Facebook Corner, Veronique St. Martin shares her comments concerning our interview with Dr. David Nowell, entitled, "ADHD: How Long Did That Take, Exactly?" on Attention Talk Video.


Does using a body double work? It did for Elaine Taylor-Klaus. Learn how she moved past procrastination after 10 years by using her husband as a body double. Check out our video interview with her in this issue, titled "ADHD Solutions: How Body Doubles Help Adults and Teens."


In our interview, "ADHD and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder," on July 3, Dr. Charles Parker answers the question: What is the impact of having PTSD and ADHD at the same time?


And when you think about the words "cope," "compensate," and "rising to the challenge," where do they fit in the ADHD gift/curse debate? Get the answer in our interview on Attention Talk Radio titled "ADHD/ADD: The Gift or Curse Debate with Dr. Russell Barkley" on June 26, 2013.


Be sure to check out our interview on June 19, 2013, with Dan Sullivan on Attention Talk Radio and get some survival tips on "Men Married to ADD Women: A Survival Guide."


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Men Married to ADD Women: A Survival Guide 

Men married to ADHD women survival guide number four: It isn't that your wife won't; you've got to understand it's because she can't. This tip and more in our interview with Dan Sullivan titled "Men Married to ADD Women: A Survival Guide," on Attention Talk Radio on June 19, 2013.


ADHD-ADD: The Gift or Curse Debate with Dr. Russell Barkley 

Is ADHD a gift or a curse? What role does stigma play in the debate? How do hope and resiliency play into the discussion? All this and more in our interview with Dr. Russell Barkley on "ADHD-ADD: The Gift or Curse Debate." Listen in as we put all this into a context that makes sense!


ADHD and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

How does ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder affect the brain? Is there a similarity? How are both conditions treated in a similar way or completely different? What is the chance of recovery from PTSD? What does it look like when ADHD, PTSD, and military life all come together? If you're curious about these questions and more, join host Jeff Copper and co-host Kirsten Milliken as they interview Dr. Charles Parker on the topic. We guarantee this to be a thought-provoking show.


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013, 8:00 pm ET 
College is a huge investment. It is the biggest life transition for any student and even bigger for an ADHD student. Join us for this edition of Attention Talk Radio as we talk about how to protect your college investment. We interview Robert Tudisco, head of the Edge Foundation, a nonprofit organization providing resources, among other things, to college students. We also have an excerpt of a prerecorded interview with Dr. Eileen Henry of Muskingum University around its programs that also protect students. If you have an ADHD student and are starting to think about college, you don't want to miss this show.
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ADHD Solutions: How Body Doubles Help Adults and Teens     

Do you procrastinate? Can a body double help? Can a body double help those with attention deficit disorder be more productive?  You bet!  After procrastinating for ten years, Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact ADHD finally moved past it by using her husband as a body double, not to mention how she uses her daughter to get work done... even though she thinks it helps her daughter.  Learn more about the concept in our interview with Elaine.


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3 Special Challenges ADHD Women and Girls Face 

by Alan Brown of ADD CrusherTM

Article originally appeared on and is reproduced with permission.

A while back I wrote a blog on the sad lack of ADHD awareness both around the world and even here in the U.S. The lack of awareness obviously makes things worse for ADD sufferers and those around them. But I failed to capture in that blog a major segment of society that gets a triple-whammy from low awareness: girls and women. Let me explain why it's a three-fer...


Whammy #1: General Lack of Awareness and Diagnosis

We are -- or should be -- aware of the many costs of general ADHD ignorance. Higher medical costs, criminal system costs (ADHD women AND men are very disproportionately represented among prison populations, which I blogged about back in March), lost business productivity, etc. Not to mention the personal misery and underachievement that accompany undiagnosed and untreated ADD/ADHD. That's a whammy for both genders. But...


Whammy #2: The Under-Diagnosis of Girls vs Boys

Even in advanced Western nations where we're supposedly enlightened about ADHD, the stereotype of the ADD kid as a bouncing-off-the-walls boy is the dominant perception. Girls, less likely to be of the hyperactive type, are more likely to fall through the cracks in their critical school years. It's also surmised that girls try harder at school and may have better grades, further masking their condition.


As a result, boys are diagnosed between three and nine times as much as girls. Some research suggests that, even when teachers recognize symptoms of ADHD in girls, it doesn't get reported as much as for boys. So as awful as under-diagnosis is for everyone, it's whacking our daughters and sisters harder.


Whammy #3: The Uniquely Ugly Outcomes for Girls and Women

Being a male who just barely avoided major bodily harm, dodged the long arm of the law on many occasions, and probably cheated death once or twice, I know firsthand the uglier possibilities of undiagnosed ADD. For everyone, it's associated with lower levels of education, slower career advancement, more smoking and alcohol/substance abuse, etc. But here comes the icing on the triple-whammy cake (if you can call it icing): ADHD women and girls face some uniquely ugly statistics that men don't face...

  • Unplanned pregnancy: Impulsive ADHD women are seven times more likely to become pregnant  
  • A high incidence of eating disorders and obesity  

With a higher divorce rate among ADHD adults, women usually end up on the shorter end of the economic stick when that happens -- and typically maintain single-parent care of the affected kids.

It's Getting (a Little) Better, Thanks to Some Champions

ADD writer/blogger Zoë Kessler has done a great service to her gender by often blogging and vlogging on this issue (and I thank her for some of the stats reported above). But one woman, Dr. Patricia Quinn, has made a laser-focused mission of helping girls and women -- with a range of websites, books, and support organizations I encourage you to explore by Googling her name. Or, to quickly learn more about girls'/women's issues, a great primer is her archived interview on Attention Talk Radio back in December 2011. Give it a listen and give some thought to how we can help undo this triple injustice to our mothers, sisters, and daughters... and all AHDH women.




Article originally appeared on and is reproduced with permission.   


Facebook Corner    

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Véronique St. Martin is an Attention Talk Radio listener in Canada who has been blogging her thoughts on our Facebook page about our video and radio shows. We want to share some of her comments. (The content has been edited, as much of it is written on the fly.)   

In order to do this structured time analysis and make it effective requires some consistent executive functioning, which is deficient in ADD. It also requires one to be fully aware of what's next in all present states consistently.  Sadly, this is not the case for severe ADHD. Managing time doesn't begin to scratch the surface of a real ADHD epidemic. Nevertheless, the effect of this is well taken.
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