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June 10, 2013
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In her article entitled "What Do You Want?" our Guest Writer Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact ADHD shares some tips on how to thrive as a parent in our relationships in communicating with our children. 


What does ADD CrusherTM Alan Brown think of our interview with Dr. David Teplin on Attention Talk Radio, titled "Which Came First, ADD or Substance Abuse"? Find out in his blog reprinted in this newsletter.


In our Facebook Corner, Veronique St. Martin shares her thoughts on our Attention Talk Video interview with Alan Brown of ADD CrusherTM entitled, "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: What an Aha Moment Looks Like."   


Also featured in this issue of Attention Talk News, you will find our video interview with Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact ADHD as she discusses the challenges of pursuing a failing forward degree at the school of hard knocks, entitled "ADHD Tip: Failing Forward at the ADHD Dinner Table.


In our Attention Talk Radio show on May 29, 2013, entitled "Obvious ADHD Solutions," Jeff Copper and Kirsten Milliken discuss some not-so-obvious solutions, such as whether defining "meditation" means just putting on headphones and dribbling two basketballs simultaneously.


On June 5, 2013, we interviewed Dr. Mark Bertin on Attention Talk Radio on the topic, "Mindfulness and ADHD without the Fluff," in which he defines and illustrates mindfulness in the context of ADHD.    


And more.

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ADHD Obvious Solutions  

Can a diagram or a mind map be a prompt for communication to organize your thoughts? Get the answer and hear other personal ADHD stories and solutions in our Attention Talk Radio show on May 29, 2013, titled, "ADHD Obvious Solutions," in our archives. 


Mindfulness, awareness, contemplation, spirituality, and meditation... what are the elements that make them similar? Get the answer in our interview, titled "Mindfulness and ADHD without the Fluff," with Dr. Mark Bertin June 5, 2013, on Attention Talk Radio in our archives.


ATR Special: The ADDA Conference is Back!

Were you at the last Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) conference in Minneapolis? Host and ADHD coach Jeff Copper was. "It was amazing," says Copper. "My favorite part was the talent show. I was blown away by the ability and professionalism of all the performers." In this edition of Attention Talk Radio, we interview conference chair Evelyn Polk Green, keynote speakers Rick Green and Sari Solden, and breakout session presenter and leader Dr. Charles Parker. Get conference details, learn what to expect, and most importantly get a peek at some insights shared by Sari, Rick, and Dr. Parker. If you plan to attend, are thinking about attending, or might attend in the future, don't miss this special edition of Attention Talk Radio in our archives dated June 7, 2013.

Reminder to Calendar These Upcoming Shows

Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 8:00 pm

Companies are good at accommodating physical disabilities, but what about cognitive disabilities? Now, that is a different story. In this edition of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach and host Jeff Copper interviews part-time ADHD coach Jay Carter, whose day job has included being the chair of a disability advisory committee for a Fortune 100 company. At present, he is on the corporate advisory board of U.S. Business Leadership Network which is an employer-led group who exists to help companies hire, train, and retain employees with disabilities. The interview will focus on the key things you need to attend to before addressing workplace accommodation, including disclosure, costs of accommodation, chain of influence, and why you need to understand your specific needs. If you have ADHD and struggle at work, this is the show for you.

Men Married to ADD Women: A Survival Guide
Wednesday, June 19, 2013, 8:00 pm
If you are married to a woman with ADD, we are talking to you! In all likelihood, your marriage or partnership is anything but mainstream. Old paradigms aren't working. Wouldn't it be nice to have a survival guide? In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, your host ADHD and attention coach Jeff Copper interviews an anonymous husband, a non-ADDer married to a very ADD woman, who gives us tips and techniques he has used, not only to survive, but actually thrive.  If you are married to an ADD woman, you don't want to miss this show.

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ADHD Tip: Failing Forward at the ADHD Dinner Table    

Are you pursuing a failing forward degree at the school of hard knocks? You know you can use your family as a tutor at the dinner table. Learn how in our interview with Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact ADHD, titled "ADHD Tip: Failing Forward at the ADHD Dinner Table."


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ADHD Time Management Tip: Get Ready to Get Ready to Go


Guest Writer

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What Do You Want?
by Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact ADHD

Replace words like "need to," "must," "should," "could," and "ought to" with one simple word: "want."

Every time you hear yourself say or think about an action that sounds required, bring in the word "want" and see what opens up for you. You may discover how often you tend to operate from obligation. Or you might discover that you want a clean kitchen enough to actually want to do the dishes!



Article originally appeared on and is reproduced with permission of ImpactADHD™.


Featured Article

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Top Adult ADHD Symptoms Alcohol and Drug Abuse
by Alan Brown of ADD CrusherTM

Last week I blogged about the power of AWARENESS as an ADHD alternative treatment. Awareness of the impact of diet... of the full range of treatment options... of the damage of unchecked negative self-talk... of your own strengths and weaknesses, etc.; all things that can empower you if you have greater awareness. Well, you can add to that list, awareness of the frightening statistical friendship of ADHD and substance abuse. Once again, I've listened to an archived show on Attention Talk Radio - this time, an interview with clinical psychologist Dr. David Teplin - and came away with a must-write blog on substance abuse as one of the top adult ADHD symptoms.

Some Hallucination-Inducing ADHD Statistics
Did you know that those with ADHD are six times more at risk for substance abuse than the general population and will suffer with the abuse for a longer time? It gets uglier...
  • Up to 45% of adults with ADHD are alcohol abusers.  
  • Up to one third abuse illegal drugs.  
  • Between 35% and 71% of all alcoholics are also ADHD!  
  • Between 15% and 25% of drug abusers are also ADHD.  
  • ADHD adults are disproportionately represented among patients in treatment centers (not to mention also among the prison population, which I blogged about a few months ago from the ADHD Coaches Organization conference). 
Wow, not lookin' so good for us!! And that's not all - don't forget all the behavioral issues that result from these abuses: drunken driving, arrests, failed relationships, poor career prospects...and on and on. As if the ADHD alone weren't bad ENOUGH!!!

But wait! There's more! Then we, of course, have to contend with the frequent ADD/ADHD co-morbidities of anxiety, depression, bipolar, oppositional defiance disorder, and so on - that make matters worse, as well as confounding proper diagnosis and treatment.

WHAT is Going ON Here?!?
Well, as a former alcohol and drug abuser myself, I'm not surprised at all these ugly stats and the isolation of substance abuse as one of the most prevalent adult ADHD symptoms.

Looking back at my teen years, it's pretty clear how I got my start. They say marijuana is the gateway drug - but I feel regular old cigarettes are a bigger gateway for ADDers. And sure enough, we ADDers start smoking earlier than the average kid smoker - and are less likely to quit. And the gateway effect is aided and abetted by the gravitation to permissive peers and like-minded others who'll accept us and our behaviors, making for a snowball effect. Here are some of the whys that Dr. Teplin touched on...
  • Both we ADDers and substance abusers tend to lack sufficient amounts of dopamine. Abuse, just like all risky behaviors, counters that dopamine deficit. (Hmmm. Is THAT why they call it dope?)  
  • Nicotine is a mild stimulant. Its mild "upper" effect probably contributes to the attraction and difficulty in quitting.  
  • Alcohol and marijuana are both depressants that might have a calming effect on hyperactivity.  
  •  As ADHD sufferers, we're likely to be defined as failing, outcasts, not up to par - all great reasons to go have a drink!  

But back to the awareness lesson here. Whether or not we are grappling with some substance, having the knowledge about this dysfunctional relationship can help our overall mission of greater understanding, facing new challenges - and maybe even equip us to help a fellow ADDer in need. If someone you suspect of having attention disorders also has this most pernicious of adult ADHD symptoms, approach gently....Bless!!



Article originally appeared on and is reproduced with permission.


Facebook Corner    

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Véronique St. Martin is an Attention Talk Radio listener in Canada who has been blogging her thoughts on our Facebook page about our video and radio shows. We want to share some of her comments. (The content has been edited, as much of it is written on the fly.)   


Oh, what an interesting subject! I remember when I had this aha moment! It was after I had been fired one more time in a job that I loved and that I would have liked to keep. And then, I began to ask myself: "What's wrong with me? I must have a problem. That makes no sense!" Until then, I did some research and discovered ADHD. It was me! Totally me! This was what I had all this time! It was then my aha moment!


Attention Teaser 
This brain teaser came from an email:

Seven dogs named Beau, Duke, Fluffy, Lady, Princess, Rover, and Spike were boarded at a local kennel. Each one had a separate run in a single row.

Unfortunately, an employee left the cages unlocked and the dogs got out of their runs. Now, they all need to return back to the right cage, but the employee cannot remember which ones.

Based on the information below, can you put them in their right cages?

1. Spike doesn't like other dogs much, so he was on one of the ends.
2. Princess was somewhere to the left of Beau.
3. Rover was in the third run from the right.
4. The only dog between Fluffy and Lady was Princess.
5. Duke was directly to the left of Lady.
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