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May 28, 2013 


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"What happened today that made you laugh?" A simple question, but one that has impact.  It's just one of the ways Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact ADHD suggests you can give your kids what they need and help yourself at the same time. Read her article, entitled "Your Presence is Present Enough," in our Guest Writer section of this issue.  

Listening to punk music and doing serious work? For Veronique St. Martin, it would be impossible. In our Facebook Corner, Veronique shares her thoughts on our video interview with Dr. Roberto Olivardia and his not-so-obvious solution! 


Also featured in this issue of Attention Talk News, you will find our video interview, entitled "ADHD Time Management Tip: Get Ready to Get Ready," with Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact ADHD as she discusses the challenges of time and transitions.


In our interview on May 15, 2013, entitled "ADHD: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics," Dr. Russell Ramsay answers the question whether ADHD statistics are objective or subjective.   


And on May 22, 2013, we interviewed Dr. Arthur Robin in the show entitled "Defiant ADHD Teens, Part 3: Intervention Examples," in which Dr. Robin continues his discussion on how parents can deal with defiant teens for the best outcome.  You can catch up to this Part 3 of the series, "Defiant ADHD Teens: Tips from the Trenches," by listening to Part 1 and Part 2


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ADHD: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics 

Do you think more people are getting diagnosed with ADD due to our changing culture? Listen to our conversation on the topic with Dr. Russ Ramsay May 15, 2013, on Attention Talk Radio, titled "ADHD: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics."


What is an anger management drill? What does it look like? How does it work? Can it help defiant teens? Get the answers in our Attention Talk Radio show with Dr. Arthur Robin on May 22, 2013, entitled "Defiant ADHD Teens - Part 3: Intervention Examples."  



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Obvious ADHD Solutions 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013, 8:00 pm

Obvious is obvious; right? Not always in the top-10-list world we live in. In this episode of  the Princeton Talk Radio, we'll share several personal ADHD stories and solutions that might surprise you. For example, rocking in a rocking chair and singing your notes to the tune of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" as a surefire means to succeed on a test. Or watching punk videos to write a doctoral dissertation. If you have ADHD and struggle to find obvious solutions, listen to this show and see what obvious solutions look like, which may not seem so obvious.



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ADHD Time Management Tip: Get Ready to Get Ready to Go   

Do you struggle with time and transitions? Here is a concept to think about... get ready to get ready to go. Get the answers in our interview with Elaine Taylor-Klaus, titled "ADHD Time Management Tip - Get Ready to Get Ready to Go."  


(Click image below to watch the video)

ADHD Time Management Tip: Get Ready to Get Ready to Go
ADHD Time Management Tip: Get Ready to Get Ready to Go



Guest Writer

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Your Presence is Present Enough
by Elaine Taylor-Klaus, Impact ADHD

No, really. There is nothing your kids need more from you than your undivided attention. Not every minute, of course. But they need to know they can "get you" when they need you.  


And its not just for them - you'll benefit, too. There is something marvelous that happens when your child, knowing s/he has your ear, starts telling you everything! Yes, you may need to "force" yourself to listen to the excruciating detail of today's playground duels, but look at is as a kind of meditation. Your child is heard, and you're in the zone of being present for her/him. You don't have to worry about the details or whether you'll be tested on them later. The content is not the issue. But your that's a gift!  


So put down the cell phone, look up from the computer or the mail or the cooking or whatever other critically important task is on your list. Look directly into your child's eyes and ask something simple, like, "what happened today that made you laugh?" And then listen to the answer, watching eyes for the recognition that you are still listening. Revel in it. THIS is the joy of relationship. And P.S. It even works with teenagers!  



Article originally appeared on and is reproduced with permission of ImpactADHD™.


Facebook Corner    

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Véronique St. Martin is an Attention Talk Radio listener in Canada who has been blogging her thoughts on our Facebook page about our video and radio shows. We want to share some of her comments. (The content has been edited, as much of it is written on the fly.)   



On "Using Punk Rock to Write a Dissertation at Harvard to Overcome ADHD Challenges: What It Looks Like for Real!" (Dr. Roberto Olivardia interview on Attention Talk Video) 

Oh! What an inspiring and interesting guy! It's funny to see that, even if two persons have ADHD, they don't learn in the same context! Me, for example, I absolutely couldn't learn while listening to punk music! Impossible! In contrast to Dr. Olivardia, I had better learn in a silent and quiet place, as in a library, for example. Yes, the ADDers are brilliant, but they can only show it if we give them the original means to do it.


Attention Teaser 

Selective Attention Test

Here is snippet of Section A of the curious multiple-choice entrance exam into the exclusive Brain Bashers puzzle club.

1. The first question with B as the correct answer is:

A. 1  

B. 4  

C. 3  

D. 2  


2. The answer to Question 4 is:  

A. D  

B. A  

C. B  

D. C  


3. The answer to Question 1 is:  

A. D  

B. C  

C. B  

D. A  


4. The number of questions which have D as the correct answer is:  

A. 3  

B. 2  

C. 1  

D. 0  


5. The number of questions which have B as the correct answer is:  

A. 0  

B. 2  

C. 3  

D. 1


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answerTeaser Answer:

1. C
2. D
3. B
4. C
5. B

A nice, complicated, and sometimes confusing puzzle.

Step 1
Question 1 can't be A, as this would mean that Q1 was the first question with B as the answer and therefore contradict itself.

Q1 can't be B as this would mean Q4 was the first question with B as the answer, but Q1 would actually be the first question with B as the answer.

If we test Q1 as having answer C, you'll see that Q3 points back to Q1 correctly and is logically consistent. This is a possibility.

If we test Q1 as having answer D, then Q2's answer is B, which points to Q4's answer being A, which means that there are 3 questions with D as the answer. Which would mean that Q3 and Q5 were both D, but Q3 would have to be A, as we're testing that Q1 is D.

Therefore Q1 has answer C.

Since Q1 has answer C, we know Q3 has answer B.

Step 2
Looking at Q4 (how many questions can have D as the answer), clearly it can't be D (zero), as this would contradict itself. It can't be A (three) as we only have 2 questions without an answer.

If Q4 was B, then the remaining questions (Q2 and Q5) would both be D, which would make Q2 point to Q4 having C as an answer, which contradicts our guess of Q4 being B. So Q4 must be C.

Which means that Q2 has answer D.

Which means that Q5 has answer B (as no other option is allowed and we must have two questions with answer B). QED


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