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February 25, 2013 


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How do you minimize the impact of one thing more when you're on a schedule? Does one more thing make you consistently late? Have you ever noticed how slow those garbage trucks can be? Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact ADHD offers her wisdom as our Guest Writer in her article entitled, "No More Excuses: Own Your One-More-Thing-It-Is." She shares how much better it is when we acknowledge our mistakes without making excuses for them.


Working memory, long-term memory, short-term memory, prospective memory! How can we possibly remember all those types of memory? In our Facebook corner, we share a post by Veronique St. Martin on our Facebook page. In this edition, she comments on our interview with Dr. Ari Tuckman on October 24, 2012, titled,"ADHD: Remembering to Remember How to Remember."


Also in this issue, check out our interview with Leslie Josel, a professional organizer, on the topic of time. Listen to "ADHD: Experiencing Time to Manage It," in to find out what a 30-minute play list can do for those with ADHD, or what it would look like to redo your home to help a child with ADHD? Also featured is our interview with Dr. Patricia Quinn, "Managing an ADHD Household," in which she asks the question: Do you know where your children are? In an ADHD household, it's easy to be distracted and forget!



Make your plans now for the CHADD Regional Conference Saturday, May 4, 2013, in Dallas, Texas, at the Sheraton Hotel. For details, attendees should call 240-487-2318; exhibitors 240-487-2314. 


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ADHD: Experiencing Time to Manage It    

What's a time map and how can it help those with ADHD? What's a Post-It calendar? How can it help those with ADHD manage time? These answers and more can be found in our interview with Leslie Josel September 26, 2012.


Did you think you were signing up to be the CEO of a company when you got married? How can you make your job of managing an ADHD household easier? What do whiteboards, naps, and daddy boot camp have in common? Get the answers in our Interview with Dr. Patricia Quinn on September 19, 2012.



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ADHD in Prison: The Travesty and Reintegration

Wednesday, February 27, 2013, 8:00 pm 

Isn't incarceration about applying negative consequences in the hope individuals will see the light and change their ways? In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, host Jeff Copper and co-host Kirsten Milliken interview Rob Tudisco, a criminal defense attorney, around the topic of ADHD in prisons and the reintegration process. Listen in and become aware of how the system penalizes those with ADHD by removing the tools, structures, and resources that those with ADHD need to manage their ADHD effectively, like ADHD meds, special education services, counselors, therapists, and coaches. They discuss how the structured environment of a prison sets an ADD-er up for failure when released back into an unstructured world. We'll talk about other travesties for those with ADHD, such as the emphasis upon release to get a job with no regard to finding the right job. In the end, you'll see why most ADHD adults in prison had graduated from the juvenile justice system, and you'll understand why prisons like Riker's Island have more inmates with mental health issues than any mental health hospital in the country. Whether you have ADHD or not, this issue impacts you. Listen in, learn, and help educate society so we can build a better mousetrap.  


Impact of the ADHD Coaches Organization Conference on ADHD

Wednesday, March 6, 2013, 8:00 pm 

What is the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO)? Why does it hold a conference?  What impact does it have on those with ADHD? What impact does it have on Attention Talk Radio, Video, and News?  Find out the answers to all of this and more as we interview this year's conference chair, Joyce Kubik.  In our interview we also reflect back on the many inspired video and radio shows that resulted from the conference and talk about how important the ACO is in helping those affected by ADHD.



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An ADHD Conundrum: Doing Time vs. Taking Probation   


You've got ADHD, are in trouble with the law, and have been sentenced. A plea bargain is offered... serve four months in prison with credit for time served or get out and be on probation for five years. Looks like a no-brainer decision; right? Maybe not. Find out why in our interview with attorney Rob Tudisco ( Watch as Rob points out how unforgiving probation is, how key ADHD issues like time management and organization can make it more difficult for ADDers to comply.  


Click image to view the video.   


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Véronique St. Martin is an Attention Talk Radio listener in Canada who has been blogging her thoughts on our Facebook page about our video and radio shows. We want to share some of her comments. (The content has been edited, as much of it is written on the fly.)   



On "ADHD: Remembering to Remember & How to Remember" (Dr. Ari Tuckman Interview, Oct. 24, 2012, on Attention Talk Radio)


I didn't know about the prospective memory or the ability to remember something that will happen in the future. It's a totally new concept for me. As I didn't know the attention deficit traits, which are related to multi-tasking. I really love the fact that in your show you share completely new information about this fascinating subject that is ADHD. It's always useful and educative to listen to your show! To come back to the prospective memory, I have less difficulties remembering what will happen in the future than what just happened or the words I just read or heard. So, for me, prospective memory is really helpful and I put notes all around me (on the calendar, on the refrigerator, etc.) to remember what I have to do next, and it works! The same way, when I have a particular goal ahead, I'll do all I can to reach it and to remember it... especially if it has a sense for me, if it speaks to me, or if it's related to an emotion.


Guest Writer



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No More Excuses: Own Your One-More-Thing-It-Is  

by Elaine Taylor-Klaus of Impact ADHD  


I have a confession: I suffer from "one-more-thing-it-is," a minor ailment marked by a tendency to run 5 minutes late.


I used to complicate this dis-ease with guilt and excessive excuses, but I'm happy to report that it's a manageable condition. I've learned to offer explanations and accept responsibility, without beating myself up (too much).


In the old days, before walking into any appointment on the late side, I would craft creative excuses en route ("I hit every red light," or "Have you ever noticed how slow those garbage trucks can be?"). I would apologize for my tardiness by explaining why it wasn't really my fault.


Here's the thing. Yes, the lights were red, or the truck was slow. But those would not have been problems had I planned my time better. The truth is: I was late because I didn't allow enough time to get there.


So what's an ADDer to do to minimize the impact of one-more-thing-it is (that is, besides the obvious choice to use time management strategies)? Stop making excuses, and OWN your explanations. This is a corollary to Diane's tip last week, Apologize.


When we make excuses, we point fingers, or blame, or find any number of reasons for a failure point to be "not my fault." An explanation, on the other hand, takes full responsibility. When you take responsibility, over time, it actually starts shifting your behavior. For example, if you know you're going to tell on yourself when you arrive late, you're more likely to avoid that embarrassment and make more effort to get there on time.


This can apply to anything, honestly. When you offer sincere apologies for mistakes without excuses -- matter-of-factly -- then your explanations ring true to people. Your integrity is in tact. And you actually motivate yourself to try harder. Of course, it's always better to plan ahead and be on time. Would that it were that simple for me. But in my world of one-more-thing-it-is, at least I've had ample opportunity to model for my kids the art of taking responsibility for my mistakes!


and is reproduced with permission of ImpactADHD™.


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Exercise multiple areas of your brain by trying to answer this riddle:


Each of the following sets of letters can be made into a real word by adding three letters to the beginning, and the same three letters in the same order at the end.  


For example, ANGLEM can have ENT added at the start and at the end to become ENT + ANGLEM + ENT = ENTANGLEMENT. 








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