Issue 8, December 2012  

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USB Charging for the Newly Released AppleŽ 12W Charger

The SMSC UCS1002 was the first, and currently is still the only, programmable USB port power controller supporting a charging port on a variety of host devices including notebook or desktop computers, monitors, docking stations and printers, as well as dedicated AC-DC products such as wall adapters. Recently, Apple released a new 12W charger which requires a new charger profile. Because the UCS1002 allows designers to implement custom charger emulation profiles, it can be configured to create a charging port that is compatible with this new Apple profile. Contact Sales for more information.

Let the Music Play with JukeBlox® 3.1

Microchip's latest-generation SMSC JukeBlox Wi-Fi® connectivity platform offers designers of wireless audio streaming systems the lowest cost, easiest to use and fastest time-to-market AirPlay® platform ever. With its expanded support for wireless streaming of audio on all popular mobile device platforms, JukeBlox 3.1 seamlessly works with iOs-based devices, including the new iOS 6 and iPhone® 5, Android™-based devices using its DLNA interoperability, and Windows®-based systems, including Windows 8. Featuring ease of setup, improved Wi-Fi performance, and faster system boot-up time, JukeBlox 3.1 enables a new category of AirPlay compatible wireless audio streaming systems with retail pricing down to $149. Read more.

Over 130 Car Models Now Use MOST® Connectivity Technology

The new Audi A3 is one of the latest automobiles to feature MOST technology as the backbone for its infotainment system. It is the first vehicle to implement MOST150, the third generation of MOST technology which uses a MOST Ethernet channel to transmit IP data within the vehicle. Volkswagen also has selected MOST150 for the new version of its best-selling Volkswagen Golf, which is also now on the road. General Motors, the first American carmaker to select MOST technology to connect a broad range of automotive infotainment devices in its car models, recently began rolling out MOST technology in its latest Cadillac models.

Migrating to Newer Generation Ethernet Controllers

Since 2004, devices in the SMSC LAN9xxx family of flexible and high performance Ethernet controllers have been widely adopted in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. If it’s time to update your Ethernet design, a newly-available application note will help you migrate from older to newer generation devices in the LAN9xxx family. It discusses hardware and software considerations for ease of implementation to the end user. Also, our LANCheck® Online Review Service - a personalized, value-added design service available at no charge to customers - is available to assist you with validating your schematics and design layout. Download Application Note 24-16: LAN9xxx Series Migration.

Visit Us at CES 2013 in Las Vegas

We're excited to have the opportunity to present you with our latest technologies as part of one of the world’s largest tradeshows - the Consumer Electronics Show! Microchip and SMSC will exhibit at CES 2013 in Las Vegas from January 8-11, 2013. We will have our latest products on display in USB, Computing, Wireless Audio and Human Interface technologies at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (LVH). Technology demonstrations are by appointment only. If you are interested in setting up an appointment to see our demos or meet with Microchip or SMSC representatives, please contact Michelle Pepe at