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Dear District J Residents,


The Council District Service Fund (CDSF) was established to give Council Districts the ability to implement community projects that the City might not be able to offer on a more timely basis. The CDSF provides $1 million to each Council District, and offers a rare opportunity to address specific needs in our community.


This process has been an amazing opportunity to engage our District J communities. I am happy to report that over 20 projects are being funded through this initiative, which will include:

HPD Extra Patrols/Targeted Efforts
- US59 Panhandling & Homeless Outreach
- Sharpstown Violent Crime Reduction
- Westwood Prostitution & Quality of Life 
Neighborhood Traffic Management Upgrade
- Braeburn Glen
- Shenandoah
- Social Services Triangle Area
Park Upgrades
- Burnett-Bayland Gulfton Skatepark
- Forum Park
New and Repaired Curbs and Sidewalks
- Braeburn Glen
- Braeburn Valley West
- Sharpstown
- Shenandoah
Additional Street Lighting
- Braeburn Valley West
In addition to the above named projects we were able to fund using CDSF monies, the District J office is also addressing an additional 40 neighborhood requests for assistance by utilizing existing City resources. These requests have either already been addressed, or are currently in the process of being resolved. Some of these projects include:
- Street Overlays and Pothole Repairs 
- Tree Trimming and New Tree Plantings
- Metro Related Requests
- Nuisance Abatement
- No Parking Zones
- Drainage, Waterline, & Waste Line Issues

I have, and will continue to be, a strong advocate for the Council District Service Fund. Budget season will begin soon, and I will support the continuation of this program for the next fiscal year.


I look forward to next year's budget to see what accomplishments we are able to achieve!


Thank You,


Mike Laster - signature

- Council Member Mike Laster, District J