K-State Olathe CEO & Vice Provost Prema Arasu and Kansas State University President Kirk Schulz
Happy Holidays
from Everyone at K-State Olathe! 

As the year winds to a close we reflect on the successes and challenges of 2014. Through the past year we have focused on our mission and enhanced our brand definition. K-State Olathe is a new kind of campus. We are business-centric, connecting the expertise of Kansas State University to the greater Kansas City area to help drive economic growth to the region. By partnering with businesses in research and development, we find innovative solutions to complex problems, and we tailor education to workforce needs.


Our campus is emphasizing the Design Thinking approach as we become more business centric, integrating education and research and development, different disciplines, interactions across generations, and applied, work related projects and challenges in food, health and related industries.


If you're new to Design Thinking -- it is a repeatable process using unique and creative techniques which typically have extraordinary results that go way beyond the expected. This is why it is such an attractive, dynamic and important methodology for businesses and other sectors.


With this charge we will continue to grow over the next year. Lots of exciting things are happening in the New Year, so watch for updates!


We invite you to connect with us in 2015 through one of our alumni events, or a personalized campus visit and tour.

We hope that you find much joy in this season. 
Wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year! 


Design Thinking Workshop Inspires K-State Olathe Team

IDEO Workshop at Sprint Accelerator

Facilitated by IDEO alum and Innovationship LLC co-founder Scott Underwood, a recent workshop provided a compelling introduction to the Design Thinking process. K-State Olathe CEO & Vice Provost Dr. Prema Arasu, with an interdisciplinary team of innovators and educators from K-State Olathe, K-State Advanced Manufacturing Institute, University of Kansas, and the Olathe School District, attended the Design Thinker workshop hosted by the Center for Architecture and Design in Kansas City at the Sprint Accelerator.   Inspired by the dynamic approach, K-State Olathe invited thought students, business representatives, alums and thought leaders across Greater Kansas City to join in an ideation session for scaling up workplace experiences for students (K-20).

High School Students, Community Leaders, K-State and Businesses Creating Solutions 


Last week, we hosted a Design Thinking workshop with nearly 70 participants including Olathe East high school students, teachers, community officials, representatives from industry - such as Garmin and Hallmark and others from K-State, including alums and K-State Olathe faculty and staff. The workshop tackled the question of 'How do we scale up workplace experiences for students?' Many don't realize that only 4-5% of US students get to do internships!  

Using the Design Thinking process, people with different ages , backgrounds
K-State Olathe Design Thinking Workshop: 'Scaling up Student Workplace Experiences'
and styles of thinking were teamed up; then individually, ideas in response
to broad-based questions were conceived on Post-It Notes and tacked to associated boards. The teams then worked together to look for patterns and gaps (dreams and opportunities) - to come 
with one Big Idea. 

Each of the teams reported out and shared the group's thinking and Big Idea. Many of the ideas centered on a clearinghouse of sorts where students and employers were matched by strengths as well as skills. As one of many next steps, K-State Olathe is launching a proof of concept with three businesses and a team of high school students and teachers, and K-State Olathe students and faculty. Watch our newsletter for more updates. 
NEW One Health Course Offered in Spring 2015
One Health - Humans & Animals

 One Health describes the complex interrelationships among:

- Humans and the environment


- Humans and animals


- Animals and the environment


Dr. Paige Adams leads a course on One Health covering zoonotic diseases (transferred between humans and animals) and environmental issues impacting humans, animals and the health ecosystem. Discover the course you've been meaning to take this spring.  Enroll Now!

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Kansas State University Olathe is more than just a campus - it's a stakeholder in the community. Professionals in the Kansas City metro area come here to collaborate with industry, advance in their careers and become a solid asset in their organization. K-State Olathe works with area K-12 schools as well as local industry to ensure tomorrow's leaders have the necessary skills for success. We're here for Greater Kansas City because of Greater Kansas City, and we're proud
to serve.

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