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September 15, 2015
Education and Technology Serves as a Strong Foundation for Economic Development
R.T. Brown was recently hired as Windham County Economic Development Program (WCEDP) Project Manager for the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC). The program is a private, nonprofit economic development organization that serves as a catalyst for industrial and commercial growth throughout Southeastern Vermont.  R.T. started the MSED program on a part-time basis while working as Director of Information Technology Services for The Sloan Consortium, because he thought the program sounded interesting.  R.T. then moved to the Denver area where he was the Director of Academic Computing and Instructional Design at American Sentinel University. 
When R.T. started the program, he did not plan to make a career change to economic development. When his wife became a Professor of Theatre at Keene State College, he decided to make the change to economic development. The primary focus of his work is private sector job creation and retention, and direct support of entrepreneurial activities, followed by support of systems and activities that encourage an entrepreneurial, innovation and business start-up environment and culture.
Tripp Umbach Selected for USM Impact Study
Through a national competitive bid process, USM selected Tripp Umbach to measure the economic impact derived (direct, indirect, and inferred) from its activities within and related to higher education. Through such contexts as employees, visitors, and students spending money in the region as well as economic benefits generated by students who live and work within the local economy will be a part of the study.  This nationally known consulting firm has completed similar studies for the University of Alabama, University of Minnesota, University of Tennessee, University of North Carolina, and numerous other research universities.

Tripp Umbach will gather primary and secondary data as well as interviewing key stakeholders in order to conduct the economic impact analysis.
New USM Undergraduate Emphasis in Sustainable Development
The USM Dept. of Geography & Geology has started a new undergraduate emphasis program in Sustainable Development, with several students already enrolled. A key new course was approved this past week: Seminar in Sustainable Planning & Development.
Alumni will remember that USM's former Dept. of Geography & Area Development for many years included a Bachelor of Science Degree in Planning. Many of the graduates from that program advanced to the Economic Development Masters Program, then continued on to successful careers in the fields of Economic Development and Planning.
The new Sustainable Development degree seeks to bring back the spirit and practical skills of the former Planning Degree -- but also includes studies of modern economic development along with a 21st Century emphasis on environmental and social concerns. "We will certainly emphasize the USM Economic Development Masters Degree as a valuable option for our graduates from this new undergraduate program," says Dr. Mark Miller, Director of the Sustainable Development Program and advisor to the program's students. 
Students in the program will also benefit from the USM Geography & Geology Department's other strengths such as GIS, petroleum geology, and natural resource management. The Geology side of the department has been approved to hire three new faculty members this year, including a senior Geology professor to serve as new department chair.

Pictured: Katherine Perry was the first student to enroll in the new USM Sustainable Development undergraduate program. She served as a White House intern this summer, and she currently interns with the City of Hattiesburg's Metropolitan Planning/GIS Division.
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