- church as you know it can be -

Once again, the LOCC Singers will be leading worship on Palm Sunday, March 20, at the Lake Club. Warm-up / Run Through with instrumentalists at 8:30 a.m. - One Service at 9:30 a.m.

Remaining consistent with our year-long focus upon Celtic Spirituality, Palm Sunday morning will include the Joseph Martin choral work The Celtic Choir. We will enjoy wonderful arrangements of Celtic / Irish / Scottish / Welsh tunes we already know. Additionally, there are a few new inclusions that are well done, and also easy to learn and sing. Those who gathered after Fat Tuesday festivities spent 45 minutes listening to the recording with instruments and singing along.  All became enamored with the music. I think you will as well.

Hard copies of music are available at rehearsals - be sure to bring your black three-ring binder. If you have already received music, or have printed it from the PDFs that were available, we have discovered that two documents are missing two pages in The Master Has Come, and one page in Here is Love.  Replacement pages will be available at rehearsals, which take place on Wednesday evenings, at The LOCC, at about 7:10 p.m. and until about 8 p.m. following soup supper at 5:30, and a presentation at 6 p.m. concerning all things Celtic.

Please click on this link to a PDF with all of the links to listening MP3s, and PDFs of the music as well.

ALL ARE WELCOME!  And NOT TO WORRY if you are not able to be present at all of the rehearsals - that's why we have listening CDs.

If you have sung with us before - please do so again. If you know of others that enjoy singing, and also enjoy doing so for brief periods of time within an annual rhythm - bring them along!