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4th Quarter 2013

Sirius Technical to Open New  

IT Staffing Division in January 2014

A new dimension to Sirius Staffing Solutions.


Building on our Mission Statement..."We work for you...", Sirius Technical Staffing Services is adding to their portfolio with the addition of their new Information Technology (IT) division.  This division, which will run under the separate name "Sirius IT Services"  will initially open in the main office in Theodore, AL. with plans to expand offices in Houston, TX.


According to Susie Bush, Chief Operating Officer, "We've already been successfully delivering top IT talent to our current clients, and with the increased demand for this niche, it just made sense to expand our portfolio of staffing services beyond our current market.  We have established a reputation for delivering the highest caliber of quality candidates, and with our proven placement methodologies, we are confident that we can achieve the same success in the IT industry."


To jump-start the division, Sirius will initially target existing customers along the gulf coast.  Sirius will then begin focusing on three areas of IT - application development, embedded software, and healthcare.  Some of the positions Sirius will place include project managers, software developers, network administrators, and various analysts.


For more information on how to submit a resume for our IT Services division, or to gain insight on how we can partner with your company to support your IT needs, please contact:


Joshua Carter

Business Development Manager





Joshua Carter

Business Development


Joshua brings more than 15 years of experience in business development, sales, and marketing to Sirius Technical Services.   He has successfully penetrated new markets and managed key accounts throughout the USA, as well as many Western and Northern European countries.  His clients have ranged from small start-ups to large aerospace and defense companies.

As an advocate of the company's vision, his primary mission will be to build awareness of Sirius Technical Services' capabilities to prospective clients, as well as spearheading the roll out of the new Sirius IT division for 2014.

In addition to his business development role, Joshua will also be bringing a broad range of IT subject matter expertise to Sirius Technical.  Prior to joining Sirius Technical, Joshua spent many years marketing and selling high end software development tools, embedded software intellectual property, and packaged engineering services. 

Joshua graduated from the University of South Alabama where he studied in the school of Computer and Information Sciences, with a specialty in Information Technology.  He is also an active member of many professional societies along the gulf coast. 




Managing Holiday Stress

A few tips to help you manage the possible stress that this wonderful time of year brings.

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year. It may also be a time of year where traditions and added activities and events can create some overwhelming feelings of stress.  We have included a few tips and ideas to help ease the pressure of the holidays:

1. Know your spending limit: Set a budget and don't spend more than you planned.
2. Get organized:  Make a list and check it twice, then prioritize what is most important.
3. It's OK to say NO to HO HO HO!:  Do not take on more than your schedule will allow.
4. Say YES to the dressing only:  It's OK to host or plan a party, but have your guests bring dishes, etc. Share the planning of the meal.
5. Make time for yourself:  Treat yourself to something you enjoy and take a break from the hustle and bustle.
6. Holiday meals:  Be aware of your calorie intake; eat a few bites of the things you like, but fill up first on healthier options like fruits and veggies.
7. Plan fun ways to get exercise during the holidays:  Do a jingle bell run for charity and don't slack on your daily workouts. Make time.
8. Keep it simple:  Simplify your holiday plans and try to focus on the joy of the memories you are building.
9. Relax - Have a cup of hot chocolate and watch a movie.
10. The Spirit of Christmas:  put it into action by sponsoring a family in need, volunteering for a soup kitchen or just visiting the sick or elderly.

And have a Merry Christmas!

Sirius employees, Tina Castillow and Leah Ibbotson, prepare for a safe, healthy and stress free
holiday season!

Missy Miller Named Sirius Staff Employee of the Year


Congratulations to Missy Miller, Sr. Technical Recruiter, who was voted the 2013 Sirius staff employee of the year!  Missy was selected by the management team and board of directors because she sets a great example of what a diligent Sirius employee should do to be successful at work and life. Missy works diligently, and quite often late hours, to recruit those perfect candidates for our customers.  She also sincerely cares for all of her contract employees and wants the best for them in every opportunity. "Missy's total honest approach to work and life is refreshing, and just one of the things we all love about her," said President Sandra Ritter, in the announcement of Missy's award.  We appreciate all of Missy's hard work and congratulate her for all of her success and accomplishments.   




Pictured left to right, Missy Miller, Sandra Ritter and Susie Bush.

Am I Eligible for Per Diem
Per Diem is a profile subject that we are asked about on a regular basis by employees and customers.  The IRS and the American Staffing Association provides a lot of educational information for employees and companies. Many companies handle per diem differently, however Sirius will continue to offer it compliant with legal guidelines given to us by legal professionals and tax professionals in our industry.  We will follow the law as we know it to be true with not only per diem, but every labor law that applies to our business.

"Per Diem" is a Latin phrase that means "by the day."  Per Diem is used in the staffing industry as a way of reimbursing a temporary employee for business, travel, and living expenses incurred while the employee is working away from his or her PERMANENT home on a temporary job assignment with funds that do not constitute taxable wages. The IRS provides and governs per diem benefits. The IRS strictly monitors the appropriate use of per diem arrangements to ensure that they are not merely disguised attempts to pay tax-free wages. 

Here are a few facts about per diem:

1. You must have a permanent residence or a regular place of abode to qualify for per diem. (Rule IRC Section 280A(c)(A).  If you do not have a permanent residence then your temporary place of employment becomes your permanent residence.
2. Your temporary place of employment must be away from your permanent residence in a single location and the employee must be traveling away from that residence overnight on a temporary work assignment.
3. You must maintain a separate residence in the temporary place of employment and keep records of those expenses.
4. For tax purposes, a temporary absence from home for a work assignment must not exceed one year. If employment away from home in a single location is realistically expected to last for more than one year, then the employment is treated as an indefinite job and NOT a temporary assignment. (Rev. Rul. 83-82)
5. In October of every year the new per diem rates are issued by the IRS to employers by location, which is called the CONUS.
6. Per diem payments must be reasonably related to expenses actually incurred.
7. Per diem can not be paid to employees who live close to where the work is to be performed.
8. Excess Amounts:  If a regulatory agency determines that an employer's expense allowance practices violate applicable rules and regulations, all payments will be subject to penalties.
9. If you receive per diem payments in excess of the amount actually owed to you because the assignment terminated earlier than expected, for any reason whatsoever, it's your responsibility to notify your employer and return any excess amounts.

Per Diem is an excellent benefit offered by the IRS for contract employees that work temporary assignments for less than a year.  

If you have any questions regarding per diem, please feel free to email  Sirius also offers a "Lunch and Learn" seminar on per diem to further educate customers and employees on this valuable benefit.

Per Diem facts pulled from the following sources:
Employment Law for Staffing Professionals 12th Edition
Sirius Home Office and Benefit News

Please allow 14 business days for W2's to arrive.  If you do not have your W2 by February 17, 2013, please email Kim Guasca at: and we will reissue a new one. If you have moved, please send Kim your new address ASAP, so that we can update our records.

Sirius will be closed on the following holidays:



Wed, December 25, 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013


Timesheets are due no later than Monday, December 23, 2013 at 10:00 am.  Timesheets received after Monday will be processed the following week. Your check will be posted on Friday as normal.


New Years Day

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Timesheets are due no later than Monday, December 30, 2013 at 10:00 am.  Timesheets received after Monday will be processed the following week. Your check will be posted on Friday as normal. 



Open Enrollment into 401K with John Hancock is going on now through the end of December.  We must receive your application no later than December 22, 2013. 

Please contact Linda Bailey for information on open enrollment or to make changes to your 401K.



Now is open enrollment into our Vision plan with Guardian.  We must receive you application or cancellation no later than Monday, December 22, 2013.  Please contact Linda Bailey at if you have any questions or would like to enroll or cancel your policy.


New Sirius Staff

Sirius welcomes Kimberly Bembry,
Sr. Technical Recruiter.

As a seasoned recruiter, Kimberly brings over 10 years of experience on both the agency and corporate side of staffing throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.  Kimberly is a native of Mobile, AL. and has recently moved back from Dallas, TX. where she worked to diversify her recruiting expertise in multiple industries. Kimberly has a history of forming solid relationships at all levels, with her strongest talent being able to match the right candidate with the right position.
Bundles of Joy!

Derick Cook, Sirius employee, and his wife welcomed their first born son, Wyatt Michael Cook on October 8, 2013. 


 Wyatt Cook




Amy and Danny Mosley would like to introduce to you their first born daughter, Addyson Jade Mosley.  This little beauty was born on October 18, 2013. Amy started her career as a Sirius contract employee and now works full time at the plant.


  Baby Addyson ready for the National Championship.  War Eagle!




Sirius customer, Darren Savoye, welcomed baby #3 into the world on July 30, 2013.  James Sawyer Savoye weighed in at 6 lbs, 4 oz. and joins his big sister, Gabrielle and big brother, Louis Joseph.  Congratulations to the Savoye family!


James Sawyer pictured with Susie Bush


Sirius Wedding Bells


  Mr. & Mrs. Trey Gunderson


Congratulations to our Sirius staff employee, Kym Little.  Kym married Trey Gunderson on October 17, 2013 in beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. 


  Sirius employee Vince Hamilton with his beautiful daughter, Jessie.


Congratulations to our employee, Vince Hamilton, for gaining a son in law!  Vince presented his daughter, Jessie, to Mr. Tyler Parker on October 12, 2013.  Mr. & Mrs. Parker were married in Mobile, AL at the Hermitage-Rippy Estate.  









Susie Bush, COO of Sirius got engaged to Brad Jones in beautiful Nassau, Bahamas on October 13, 2013.  The couple plan to marry in the fall of 2014. Congratulations, Susie!




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