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Online Newsletter, Issue No. 27- January 2017
Saturday, March 18th

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:Dr. Jennings is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of social and emotional learning and mindfulness in education. Author of Mindfulness for Teachers, she spent 22 years as a Montessori teacher, school director, and a teacher educator.


LOCATION: We are excited to return to The Northern Kentucky Convention Center, located in Covington, KY. Our conference attendance keeps growing and we need more space! The impressive ballroom and multi-functional meeting rooms make NKYCC perfect for our next conference!


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Montessori Academy Celebrates 30 years of Montessori Education! 
By: Megan Ball
Address: Montessori Academy of Cincinnati 8293 Duke Blvd., Mason, Ohio 45040
(513) 398-7773 
At Montessori Academy, our goal is to promote the growth and development of children from early childhood through Middle School. From day one, our children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own needs as well as the community as a whole. Montessori Academy strives to not only motivate our students to be dedicated learners, but also to be respectful members of society. We want to provide our students with opportunities that challenge them academically and teach them the importance of respect and good values. Our classrooms are enriched with materials that foster the children's cognitive skills, independence, and life skills. We provide guidance for them to be able to deal with social and emotional situations in a safe, nurturing manner. Our staff is committed to helping all students build a strong foundation so they are able to succeed as they grow. Our teachers are observers as much as instructors, making materials and creating lessons that will best serve each individual child in their educational journey. We believe that if a love of learning is instilled in a child at a young age, this will lead to continued success in the future. 

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Montessori at Home 
By:Beth Bayfield 
"We must support as much as possible the child's desires for activity; not wait on him, but educate him to be independent" - Maria Montessori, The Child In the Family. The greater Cincinnati area is rich with Montessori schools, and has a great history as a pioneer in Montessori education for children and for adults. Certainly you have heard of Montessori, and possibly done some research or observed at a school, or perhaps your child attends one of the many Montessori school in our area. Hopefully you have connected with the folks at the Cincinnati Montessori Society for resources and information. 

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Your Cell Phone or Your Life 
P. Donohue Shortridge 

Admit it parents:
You use your mobile device in front of your children all the time.
As a consequence, your children have become used to you interrupt- ing their precious time with you. And you do it without apology or per- mission; you simply exit at will to attend to your electronic life. Your device is always present, at the dinner table, during drive time and downtime. Your children learn to either compete with your inani- mate object for your attention or simply resign themselves to the reality that you are only half here. Some children act out, thinking negative attention is better than your partial presence. Others will adapt and imitate your behavior, begging for a mobile device of their own and thus be only half here with you. 
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Inspiring Virtues in Children 
By Juanita I. Johnson 

As parents and educators, we have a vested interest in effectively nurturing our children's strengths and empowering them to overcome their various challenges with our guidance and loving support. We also have a shared interest in equipping our children and students to become respectful, productive members of our current and future society. However, we all encounter disturbing stories, at best and experiences, at worst, that call into question what we as a society can do to change the course of today's youngest generation, our future. 
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