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Online Newsletter, Issue No. 23 - Winter 2016
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The Tao of Montessori: Here is what we share...
We are delighted to be hosting Catherine McTamaney as our keynote speaker in April. What follows is an excerpt from her book, The Tao of Montessori.

From classroom to classroom, school to school, we argue over what 'real' Montessori looks like. We are critical of others who do it differently, or unsure of ourselves when we struggle to do it 'right'.

We are better to focus on the things that unite us, particularly in this very difficult work, than to compare ourselves endlessly against a nonexistent model. Here is what we share: We believe that children are inherently wise. We believe that, given an environment free of adult obstacle, children's essential nature is protected and propelled. We believe that children want to learn and that they can do so in an environment swimming in peace. We believe that one child's success does not impede another's. Each classroom that holds these beliefs at its core continues to be 'Montessori.'

CMS Member School Spotlight:
Xavier University Montessori Lab School
We see the development of the whole child as: cognitive development, social and emotional development, physical development, and self-development to include the spirit of the child and his or her connectedness to their cosmic task.  The first way we support this development is by preparing the indoor and outdoor environment, which allows for independence, movement, order, collaboration, concentration and choice. Second, we are consistently observing and assessing each child.  Through this observation and assessment we are able to nurture the child in challenging areas and areas of strength.

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Dear Principal: A Father Writes a Letter to Himself Without Knowing It
by Jeff Groh
In 2013, I became a father. I had been a Montessori teacher for 13 years and started imagining the type of education I wanted for my newborn son. As an exercise, I wrote a letter to the fictitious principal that would one day be in charge of my son's elementary school years. I rediscovered the letter recently while rearranging my office at home. It was perfect timing, because my son will start at The New School Montessori in the fall of 2016, and it just so happens that I was recently selected as the principal.

Dear Principal,
I am sending my son to your school because I believe it will be the best place for him to grow up loving to learn. A love that I hope develops strongly enough to stay with him for a lifetime.

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How Do We Educate an Absorbent Mind?
By Renee Westrich
I believe that education is a natural part of life.  Children start their lifelong education as they grow in their mother's womb and learn her heartbeat.  With the first breath a new baby learns to take, comes infinite opportunities of learning.  Hopefully most of this learning will be good, for sure most of it will go unnoticed.  Life is education in itself.  I tell my kids often that even if they do not think they have learned anything new that day then at least they have learned to do something better.  Maybe with a book by a favorite author in their hands, they have learned to read with more joy.   Or maybe, they have learned the name of a new friend. 

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CMS Board Member Spotlight:
Tiffani Wills
Current School/ Occupation: Pleasant Ridge Montessori/Teacher
Years of Teaching:
3 years
Why did you choose Montessori?
Montessori chose me! :) (Long story!) When I say that Montessori chose me, my experiences were like magnets that kept getting stronger. :)
Why did you join the CMS board?
I believe that the CMS board is a great avenue to share the Montessori philosophy with a larger audience.
Favorite teaching moment:  A student was frustrated with a math problem and turned around, put their back to the mat, and began to practice mindfulness.

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