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The Perfect Union:
The Marriage of Montessori and Special Education
By Julie Kugler-Ackley and Kathy Farfsing 

Montessori and special education have had a long courtship, starting over a hundred years ago when Maria began working with children with special needs. She knew the value that this methodology brought to all students, both typically developing and those with developmental and learning challenges. 

There are specific, research based practices that are utilized within the inclusive classroom and these correspond definitively with concepts and pedagogical practices demonstrated within Montessori environments. According to experts, Mastropieri, M. A. & Scruggs, T. E. (2004, 2010), authors of The Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Effective Instruction, and outlined throughout the article,"Montessori Instruction: A Model for Inclusion in Early Childhood Classrooms," by McKenzie and Zascavage (2012), focusing on these practices is crucial within the inclusive classroom environment: Scope and Sequence; Pacing; and Types of Learning.

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CMS Member School Spotlight: Children's Meeting House

At Children's Meeting House (CMH), we strive to support the social, emotional, and academic needs of each child by having teachers that are not only certified Montessori teachers, but passionate about the Montessori philosophy. It is also of great importance that our teachers build a partnership with each of their families to truly honor each child.

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The Power of Nature
Excerpts from Newsletter Summer 1989, by Jayne Kathman
Originally written in response to a workshop she attended, this throwback article explores the power of nature as witnessed by Jayne Kathman years ago. Although the workshop took place in 1989, much of the information and observations seem accurate even today. 

To know and understand the outdoor world we must experience it by seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and sometimes even tasting. Allowing all our senses to respond increases our sensitivity to nature and our feelings of being a part of the environment. By using their senses, children become truly involved, magnifying the learning experience. Nature always offers discoveries. When it comes to discovering, observing, and responding... children do it best.

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Innovating Community:
A Statewide Conversation and Celebration
Envisioning a future in which a unified Montessori Community creates significant change on behalf of children, the Ohio Montessori Alliance, North American Montessori Teachers' Association, Xavier University Montessori Institute, and Cincinnati Montessori Society are partnering to host:

Innovating Community: A Statewide Conversation and Celebration
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14th, 8:30am - 5:30pm

Everyone is welcome!  It is recommended that at least one representative from every school is part of the event to ensure each school has a voice in the conversation, vision, and planning, as well as access to the information from the statewide conversation.

CMS Board Member Spotlight:
Kathy Farfsing
Current School/ Occupation: Xavier University, Montessori Dementia Program Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty 
Years of Teaching: 32 years, minus 12 that I stayed home until my 4 children were in school (but I was a great volunteer in their classrooms for those 12 years)
Why did you choose Montessori? I was 18 years old, attending Xavier as a business major, and completely miserable. I took the Montessori philosophy class out of curiosity. The late Hilda Rothschild was the instructor and I was so inspired that I switched my major immediately. It changed my life.
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