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Mulching Tips

Now is the best time to start sprucing up your landscape by adding pine straw or hardwood mulch.  The benefits help create a moisture barrier, protect the roots from cold damage and also suppress weed germination in your landscaped areas. 


Adding too much mulch can also cause problems.  Plants breathe at the soil level and an unnatural mulch layer tends to suffocate the plant causing them to stress and even decline. This problem is more prevalent when you use hardwood mulch, but even pine straw can build up over time to an unhealthy level. 


Here are two examples of Over Mulching

In both of these situations, raking back the mulch to the natural soil level is advised, then you can apply new mulch.  A recommended mulch layer is 2 to 3 inches of material in depth.  




We recommend applying mulch twice a year, early January/February followed by a lighter application in July/August.  This split application of mulch gives the landscape an extended moisture/weed barrier for your plants and continued curb appeal throughout the year. 
Make sure your trees and shrubs can breathe easily.

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