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August 2013  

Aeration and Overseeding Fescue


It's time to start thinking about the aeration and overseeding of your fescue turf.


September through October are ideal months to aerate and overseed your fescue turf.  This is an annual process that is important to rejuvenate the fescue and prepare it for a healthy 2014.


What are we doing?  Throughout August and into early September we are spot-spraying out any lingering weeds or bermuda grass that may have crept into the fescue turf . In addition, you will see your fescue cut very low a week prior to the aeration process. This is to ensure good seed contact with the soil and allow light to penetrate down and stimulate the new grass as it germinates.


Unique will begin the process of aerating and overseeding in mid-September and carry it through to mid to late October, depending on weather and temperatures. In areas where necessary, wheat straw will be applied based on existing turf density. Not every property will need this.


Along with the aeration and overseeding process, we will adjust the irrigation clocks to appropriately water the newly seeded areas.  On properties that are not irrigated, we will be pushing those aerations into early October to take advantage of cooler temperatures and somewhat more frequent rain to allow the seed to germinate.


The aeration will be monitored over the next couple of weeks after installation to ensure good seed germination and adequate water.


Please watch for your proposals in the mail or email during the upcoming weeks. If you have any additional questions please contact Michele at:  Michele@unique-environmental.com.

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