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February 2013  

How should I prune this crape myrtle?


Crape Myrtle before selective pruning
Before pruning
























Crape Myrtle after selective pruning
After pruning





Here is one example: by selectively trimming out cross branching, it allows the plant to grow naturally.  There are other various techniques of pruning that could be used, depending on the surrounding landscape.  


Did you know?   You do not have to prune crape myrtles for them to bloom profusely.


















Don't prune your crape myrtle this way! 

This plant will not flower correctly this coming season. It is also now susceptible to powdery mildew (fungus) and aphid infestation due to the pruning technique that was done. All of the new branching will grow out at eye level and become an obstruction as you walk along the sidewalk.

How not to prune crape myrtle

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