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What Unique Environmental is doing about Leaf Removal and Turf Scalping

What's going on this month with your community landscape


 Fall Leaf Removal



Our leaf removal season has begun and will run through early January.  Leaf drop on properties depends on the varieties of trees within the community.  We will be making our regularly scheduled maintenance visits and also have our leaf truck working independently from our crews to help pick up the volume of leaves that fall throughout the season.



You may see leaves piled in natural areas that have been placed there temporarily, allowing our leaf truck to come back and pick them up. We are only able to take a certain volume from the property each week and will schedule extra visits to accommodate excessive leaf drop.



Please also keep in mind that allowing leaves to fall and decompose in natural areas is beneficial to the trees for water retention along with nutrient replenishment. If there are areas where these leaves can be distributed on the property, an area manager will be in touch with you to walk through the property to define these spaces. There may be times where piles are left in parking spots close to the pool or common areas, allowing us to easily pick up the next day.



If you have any questions, you can call the office at 404-691-9310 and speak with Lisa and she can direct you to the appropriate area manager. We appreciate your understanding while we go through this process. 



We won't scalp your warm season grass too early


As the bermuda and zoysia go dormant, we will be lightly mowing the turf to level off any uneven growth.  Unique will not fully scalp the turf until February. Scalping too soon may encourage the turf that has not gone completely dormant to be exposed to cold temperatures that may cause spring dead spot next year.  It's best to let nature take its course and allow it to go dormant before we start to regenerate it with scalping.



Thank you for being the best part of Unique Environmental Landscapes!




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