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Late summer checklist  

A late summer checklist for your landscape

and your community landscape




A schedule of landscape duties:


  • It's not too early to start thinking about fall pre-emergence on your warm season grasses. August and September are ideal months to get the first application down to eliminate Poa Annua (annual blue grass) and other winter weeds. We are all aware that Fescue struggled over the hot summer. August is a great time to clean up any unwanted weeds and prepare for the aeration and over seeding coming up in September.


  • It's time to start thinking adjusting the irrigation system by backing off the watering schedule. Typically, the number of days and time allotted per zone can be reduced. If the turf zones are now run for 20 to 30 minutes, reduce the run time to about 15 minutes. Remember, if you're getting ready to aerate and over seed, these turf zones may need to be adjusted appropriately to compensate for the upcoming Fescue seeding event.


  • Start thinking about tree and shrub planting plans for the Fall. September through November is the ideal time to get your installation projects complete. This allows the plant to 'get rooted' during the milder temperatures and 'soak in' the precipitation!


  • Most of the remaining pruning to be done on the property is just shoot growth that can be handled either by hand pruning or sheering the shrubs. It is a good time to review the trees in the landscape and determine if any limbing-up should occur to reduce shading situations or obstructions on walkways or buildings. See Unique's blog for a more complete pruning schedule.


  • Time's running out...if you are thinking about installing a Zoysia lawn. Keep in mind that it's best installed by September 30. Zoysia does not do well if installed after that date as it is less likely to establish a good root system over the winter. You still can install Bermuda sod year around.


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