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Aeration and Overseeding

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Aeration & Overseeding of fescue turf


Our very hot July (warmest on record) put additional stress on most fescue turf areas this summer so the annual aeration and overseeding is especially important this year. To have a healthy stand of fescue turf in 2013, the preparation starts now. Unique will be out spot spraying with roundup any left over weeds or Bermuda that has crept into the fescue turf areas.

Overseeding of fescue lawns should be done in late summer or early fall. We recommend September 15 through October 15. There are many reasons for this timing. With fall germination, the young grass will have two or three months to become better established before temperatures drop too low and growth stops. The roots will be established before winter, which greatly reduces crop loss should you have a hot, dry spring.

If you haven't had your fescue areas limed in the last two to three years, it might be a good year to consider this additional application. Soil pH is essential for establishing a healthy, thriving fescue turf.


 Maintenance that Follows Overseeding-Keeping the Seeds Moist


For properties with irrigation: Unique will monitor and adjust your irrigation system during this critical period of seed germination.


For non-irrigated turf areas: We recommend the following watering practices to establish good germination rates on your fescue seed: After the aeration and overseeding is done, the seeds will need moisture to germinate. Keep the soil moist (but not overly wet) by lightly watering two times a day throughout the required germination period,typically 14 to 21 days. When fescue is fully germinated, gradually reduce the frequency and increase the time of irrigation watering until a normal irrigation program can be established. Unique can provide a quote for additional watering services if requested.


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