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Unique Environmental has a tip for heat stress on your landscape


Landscapes under stress?


Due to the excessive heat and infrequent rain events that we have had over the past month, most of the landscapes are under heat stress. Even with regular watering, turf areas are struggling and some seasonal color and plant material have been scorched by our 100+ temperatures.


What can be done? We have been increasing runtimes on irrigation clocks to help compensate for the lack of rain. Some seasonal color beds that consist of begonias will need to have the scorched tops of the begonias pruned back to help stimulate new growth. Shrubs that have been scorched by the excessive heat can have the damaged material pruned off to help stimulate new growth.


Bermuda and zoysia lawns may appear a little brown in some areas, but in most cases the turf will recover with normal rainfall and frequent irrigation. Fescue lawns have taken the brunt of the heat and will be struggling throughout the rest of the summer months, even with regular irrigation. In most cases, the best result will be to maintain as much healthy growth as possible in preparation for the fall fescue aeration season.


With the high temperatures continuing and lack of normal rainfall, landscapes will struggle throughout the summer months but we are taking steps to try and help minimize this heat stress issue.


Unique definitely recommends foregoing any unnecessary landscape enhancements to your property until these extreme temperatures have broken and consistent and adequate rainfall begins.


Fall will be a great time to address the summer stress to the landscape and begin enhancing your property with planting improvements.


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