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Unique Environmental has a "warm weather" checklist for your winter landscape

Dear Client:


Even though it feels like spring outside, rest assured the cold weather could be still on its way. Here are some tips below to get us through whatever mother nature throws at us this winter.




Potted plants and planters:


During these winter days, it is important that pots and planters on your decks and patios receive frequent watering. Cold weather pulls moisture out of the soil and a plant could dry out within a week's time if not given supplemental watering. Not allowing pots to dry out in the winter months helps ensure that your plant will thrive in the coming spring. Also, if you have flowers planted in the pots use warm water when mixing liquid fertilizers as it works better to break down the product into the water.





Don't scalp your warm season grass too early:


As the Bermuda and Zoysia are dormant, it is okay to lightly mow the turf to level off the uneven  growth but we do not recommend fully scalping the turf until late February or early March. Scalping too soon may encourage the turf that has not gone completely dormant to be exposed to these cold nighttime temperatures and may cause Spring Dead Spot this year.  Yes - SPRING DEAD SPOT!!! There is some warm season turf grass that is still green & growing. It's best to let nature take its course and allow it to go dormant before we start to regenerate it with scalping.





Mulch and pinestraw:


The winter months are the best time to protect your shrubs, trees and ground cover by applying a new layer of mulch for the upcoming year. Application of pine straw, bark chips or ground hardwood mulch to your property will help prevent weed germination in planting beds and protect your plants in the summer months by holding in soil moisture.


Please note, on properties where heavy winter pruning needs to be done, the pinestraw application should be done at the end of the pruning cycle which should be in late February. It is important to have the mulch down before early March as weed germination in the planting beds begins as our soil temperatures warm up.





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