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Unique Environmental has a tip for adding color to your winter landscape

What's blooming this winter?


SasanCamellia Sasanquaqua Camellia is a fall/early winter blooming shrub (not to be confused with its cousin Camellia Japonica - a spring bloomer). It's a tall growing broadleaf evergreen shrub that prefers afternoon shade. The flowering colors are white, pink, red or variegated and it's used as a screening shrub or an accent plant with corner foundation plantings.


It performs best when allowed to grow naturally; some varieties grow up to 15 feet, but most are 6 to 10 feet. This shrub brings a spark of color to a gloomy garden from late October through December. Two popular varieties include 'Yuletide', which is red, and 'Bonanza', a deep reddish pink.


Another interesting plant to look for right now is the Washington Hawthorn tree with red berries hanging in the canopy. Winter King is a common variety you can find in the nursery. They typically hold their berries till mid January or until the birds pick them all...making it a great tree for a landscape habitat for tracking birds in the winter months.


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Washington Hawthorn

The Washington Hawthorn has white flower clusters in spring, red fruit in the fall that persists into the winter, and fruit, which attracts birds. The foliage is a reddish purple when unfolding and gradually changes to lustrous dark green at maturity. Fall color varies from orange to scarlet to purple. The Washington Hawthorn grows upright when young, but develops a broad canopy and a rounded form with age.



There are many other winter blooming and interesting shrubs to add to your property's landscape for year-round interest. Todd with Unique can suggest several that will work in YOUR landscape.



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